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Guys & Dolls theatre review

Mrs Doubtfire Review | What we thought

Mrs. Doubtfire comes to the Shaftesbury Theatre, frocks and all!

A Spectacular adaptation

At the Shaftesbury Theatre this year, audiences will be transported into the delightful world of Mrs. Doubtfire – a spectacular adaptation of the beloved 1993 film. With its infectious energy, touching moments, and excellent comedic timing, this production proves to be a heartwarming tribute to the enduring spirit of family, love, and resilience. If you're coming for the famously funny dialogue that we all know and love from the film, you won't be disappointed.

From the moment that Gabriel Vick takes centre stage as Daniel Hillard, the audience is drawn into his whirlwind journey. With a desire to stay with his children and a longing to prove himself as a capable father, Daniel transforms into the lovable Scottish nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire. Leading a new double life, Daniel navigates the challenges of parenthood, all while concealing his true identity from his ex-wife, their children and her new beau.

Promo image of the cast

Hilarious antics

The cast delivers standout performances across the board. Whether it's the endearing portrayal of Daniel and the hilarious antics of Mrs. Doubtfire, or the touching interactions between family members, each character is brought to life with authenticity and charm. At its core, Mrs. Doubtfire is a celebration of love and the unbreakable bonds of family.

As the curtain falls on this unforgettable journey, audiences are left with a renewed sense of hope and a reminder that, with a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of heart, anything is possible.

Mrs. Doubtfire is a must-see production that captivates audiences with its infectious energy and timeless message. Whether you're a fan of the original film or discovering the story for the first time, this adaptation is sure to have you tapping your feet throughout and leaving you crying with tears of laughter.

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