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Guys & Dolls theatre review

Guys & Dolls review | What we thought

One of our top theatre experts went to see Guys & Dolls recently and would love to tell you all about it...

An immersive experience

Stepping into the world of Guys & Dolls is like diving headfirst into the streets of 1940s New York. From the moment you enter the theatre, you're not only a spectator but an active participant in the vibrant story that unfolds before your eyes. Those who love to be in the heart of the action should go for standing tickets, which will put you right on the stage as an integral part of the show.

The experience begins with the cast selling merchandise and food in the stage area, all remaining completely in character and setting the stage for the whirlwind of events to come. This setting lends itself perfectly to the narrative, which revolves around the dice game craps and the underground world of a sewer-turned-gambling ring. Wherever you stand (or sit), a unique perspective on the timeless classic unfolds. The dynamic nature of the performance ensures that no two experiences are alike, offering a fresh take on this beloved tale.

Even during the interval, the audience is seamlessly integrated into the action, with the opportunity to sit on tables that will later become part of the moving set. Singing and entertainment keep the energy high, ensuring that the show never truly stops – even as the cast takes a break.

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Star performances

At the heart of the tale are the stars of the show, with Adelaide played by Marisha Wallace delivering an unforgettable portrayal that wows the audience from start to finish alongside her long-term fiance Nathan Detroit (Daniel Mays). Not forgetting to mention the rest of the cast – the show girls, missionaries, gamblers and police officers ushering attendees here, there and everywhere.

The unconventional love story between Miss Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson adds depth, creating parallels between them and the universal themes of redemption and second chances. Standout musical numbers like Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat led by Nicely-Nicely Johnson (Cedric Neal) and the duet Luck Be a Lady offer moments of pure theatrical magic that linger long after the show finishes. The production maintains its momentum until the very end, mirroring the hustle and bustle of 1940s New York.

A Broadway staple reimagined

With the story unfolding all around you, Guys & Dolls draws you deeper into its world with each passing moment. Dispensing with traditional curtains, Guys & Dolls is a triumph of theatrical innovation that offers a fresh take on a timeless classic that delights and enthrals in equal measure. Whether you're seated in the stalls or standing amidst the action, one thing's certain – this is a theatrical journey you won't forget in a hurry. The new cast took to the stage 28th February, and tickets are available until the end of August 2024.

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