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Waiter pouring wine for customer at Clubrooms airport lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal. Waiter pouring wine for customer at Clubrooms airport lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal.

Comparing airport lounges at Gatwick Airport

Fancy starting your holiday early at Gatwick Airport by booking an airport lounge? Read on to find the perfect lounge for you.

Lounges at the North Terminal

Lounges at the South Terminal

Have you ever watched those lucky, relaxed travellers sailing out of the hectic departures hall into a cool, calm and comfortable airport lounge and wished you could follow?

Escaping the main area of the airport is a very tempting thought, particularly during the craziness of the summer season. And these days it's not just a perk for VIPs or business travellers – it's surprisingly affordable, meaning anyone can book an airport lounge and live the high life.

Each lounge at Gatwick offers comfy seats, included food and drinks, big TVs, free wifi, newspapers and magazines, flight information and air conditioning. Yet every lounge at Gatwick Airport also has its own individual style and features, so it's worth comparing them to make sure you choose the right airport lounge for your holiday.

Gatwick airport lounges at the North Terminal

No1 Lounge | A treat for couples and solo travellers

Glass of sparkling wine and a meal at No1 Lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal.

A high-end option at Gatwick, No1 Lounge has slick, contemporary interiors and impressive views of the runway, as well as full waiter service, a TV lounge and newspapers and magazines you can take away.

There are lots of snacks and drinks to help yourself to, or you can tuck into freshly prepared dishes from the bistro menu as part of your entry fee. Unlike many lounges, sparkling wine is included in the price – making it the perfect place to celebrate the start of your holiday. If you're in the mood for something even more special, there's an à la carte menu available for a little extra.

This lounge is ideal for solo travellers and couples looking to treat themselves. But children of all ages are welcome in the lounge – there are even children's packs to keep the kids entertained – so you can still enjoy this experience if you're bringing the little ones with you.

The Gateway by easyJet & No1 Lounges | Great value for money

Traveller pouring their own beer at The Gateway by easyJet & No1 Lounges in Gatwick's North Terminal.

On the other end of the lounge spectrum, The Gateway is the best option at the North Terminal for travellers on a budget.

But you get a lot more than you might think for the money. The food's included, whether you're filling up from the hot breakfast buffet in the morning or tucking into delicious curries, pasta and sweet treats later on. And you can help yourself to the house drinks – there's beer, wine, spirits, speciality tea and coffee and even signature cocktails to enjoy.

There's plenty to keep you entertained too, like free wifi, magazines and newspapers, big TVs, a games room and a kids' area. And it's not just for easyJet customers either – you can enjoy great value for money no matter who you're flying with.

Plaza Premium Lounge | A premium experience for the whole family

Seating area with runwway views at Plaza Premium Lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal.

The Plaza Premium Lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal used to only be available to first-class travellers, but now everyone can enjoy a first-class lounge experience before they fly. The floor-to-ceiling windows boasting runway views provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing on comfy sofas with a drink in hand.

Fill up your plate with full English and continental favourites from the breakfast buffet, or if you're there a little later tuck into European, East Asian and Indian cuisine. Either way the food is included in the price, as are house drinks like beer, wine, tea, coffee and juices.

You'll never get bored, as there are TVs, a pool table, games rooms, free wifi and plenty of charging stations for your own devices. The Kids' Zone means the little ones won't get bored either, making this a great option for families that don't want to compromise on a premium lounge experience.

Flight Lounge | Perfect for families

Bartender pouring a beer at Flight Lounge in Gatwick's North Terminal.

You'll never be short of things to do in the Flight Lounge. Refurbished in 2023, you'll find games consoles, tablets, board games and even an air hockey table! There's also a soft play area for young travellers, so no matter your age you're sure to find something to keep you entertained.

And you can expect all the usual perks of an airport lounge, like the included all-day buffet serving full English favourites in the morning and salads, sandwiches and pasta after 12 noon. Alcoholic and soft drinks are included too, and you can order freshly-made burgers, fish and chips and pizzas at no extra cost.

This lounge is perfect for families, but there's also a quiet space if you want to relax with a book.

Clubrooms | The ultimate luxury lounge experience

Waiter bringing a customer a meal to their table at Clubrooms in Gatwick's North Terminal.

Clubrooms offers the ultimate, first-class experience that probably comes to mind when you think of an airport lounge. But this isn't a lounge reserved just for first-class flyers – this luxury lounge is more accessible than you might think.

Choose from delicious à la carte dining options using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and sample delights from the extensive wine list. You won't have to pay any extra for the food and drink – even French sparkling wine is included in the price – and there are premium options for a little more if you want something extra fancy.

For anyone wanting to start their holiday early by making their airport experience a special one, Clubrooms won't disappoint. Children under 12 aren't allowed in this lounge either, making it a great option for grown-ups looking for some peace and quiet.

Gatwick airport lounges at the South Terminal

No1 Lounge | A stylish option at the South Terminal

Traveller drinking a coffee and looking out at the runway in No1 Lounge at Gatwick's South Terminal.

It doesn't matter whether you're flying from the North or South Terminal, as either way there'll be a luxurious No1 Lounge ready to welcome you.

Much like in the North Terminal, the No1 Lounge in the South Terminal is a great option for couples and solo travellers, with a few perks to keep the kids entertained too. You'll also find newspapers and magazines, a TV lounge, and delicious à la carte and buffet dining.

And yes, sparkling wine is included here too, so you can start your holiday with that all-important glass of bubbly.

My Lounge | Relaxed and family-friendly

Traveller drinking a coffee and looking out at the runway in No1 Lounge at Gatwick's South Terminal.

For a fun take on the airport lounge, My Lounge is an informal and family-friendly option at Gatwick.

Families will love serving themselves in the kitchen and filling up on the flavoured popcorn, doughnuts with dips and Danish pastries at the big, sociable dining tables. The games room with a PlayStation and football table, TV den, free wifi and power points to charge phones and devices are great for keeping everyone entertained while they wait for their flight.

This lounge is also home to Gatwick's only outdoor terrace, with comfy seats and views of the runway. Perfect for a bit of fresh air away from the busy departures.

My Lounge is the most relaxed airport lounge option at Gatwick, and most suited to lively families. And as a bonus, it's also one of the cheaper options.

Club Aspire | A quality lounge for less

Quiet area in Club Aspire Lounge at Gatwick's North Terminal.

It may sound a bit cliché, but Club Aspire really does have something for every traveller.

After a bit of peace and quiet? Sit back and relax on a comfy seat in the quiet area, which boasts excellent runway views. Need to get a bit of work done? The business area has plenty of workspaces where you won't be disturbed. Want to start your holiday off with a bite to eat and something to wash it down with? Many of your favourite tipples are included, whether you're after draught beer or a cup of coffee, as is the all-day buffet – so load your plate up as much as you like!

This lounge is a little cheaper than some of the others but doesn't compromise on quality – making it a great option for travellers on a budget.

Airport lounges

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