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Sam Sills at sunset. Team with Sam Sills

Things Sam didn't tell us about Lanzarote

From bumpy roads to dry lips and dogs…

If you didn't already know, we spent some time with iQFoil athlete Sam Sills in Lanzarote recently. He's been living and training there for a few months and has loads of recommendations for places to eat and things to do. But there were a few things he forgot to mention.

So here's a list of things Sam didn't tell us about Lanzarote.

The bumpiest road on Earth

Sam had been living on the island for a few months by this point so we believed him when he told us one of the best beaches in Lanzarote was just half an hour down the coast from Marina Rubicon.

What he neglected to mention was the 20-minute drive we needed to take across the bumpiest road on Earth to get there. Our sturdy little hire car could just about handle the jerking, but some of us had to pop a couple of ginger capsules to make it there with lunch intact.

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The whole world comes to Marina Rubicon

For what are probably very complicated meteorological reasons, the wind and sea around Lanzarote are ideal for windsurfing, sailing and other wind-based water activities. So much so that teams from all over the world go there to train – we saw teams from Brazil, Japan, USA, Spain, Italy and more, all training for the summer.

A flower made of salmon

Old underwear and wetsuits

Marina Rubicon seemed to be the lost and found of swimwear the world over. With sailors and surfers changing into their kit pretty much all the time it's no surprise we found the odd pair of lost trunks or abandoned towels lying around. There's no time to tidy up when the conditions for windsurfing are perfect!

So many torsos

Speaking of all that changing, it was quite hard to know where to look with athletes in different levels of undress.

Marina dog


A wet dog

Waiting for the wind

One thing we didn't realise was that, if the conditions aren't right, there's a lot of waiting around to be done. Luckily Marina Rubicon is a lovely place to kill some time, with loads of great restaurants. We can recommend a few…

Where to eat in Lanzarote

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Sun cream for your lips

Pucker up because your lips can get just as burnt as the rest of your face if you don't protect them from the sun. Combine that with time spent on the water and all that heat, wind and salty air can dry your lips into jerky. You can apply normal sun cream to your lips if you want, or get some lip balm with SPF built in.