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Holiday Extras partners with Olympic athlete Sam Sills

Holiday Extras, the UK's market leader for travel add-ons, has a sponsorship partnership with Sam Sills, the eco-conscious British Sailing Team member who is Team GB's pick for the Paris Olympics in 2024. Currently ranked 5th in the world in the revolutionary Olympic discipline of iQFoil, Sills is gearing up to make his mark at the Olympics.

Sam Sills on the beach with Matt Pack

The partnership came about when Matthew Pack - keen windsurfer and Holiday Extras' Group CEO - and Sam discovered they shared more than a passion for extreme sports, technology and peak athletic performance.

"I visited the Holiday Extras campus on the Kent coast and was blown away by their commitment to combining sustainability and responsible travel with the spirit of adventure", said Sills. "I went on a litterpick with the team to a nearby beach, gave a speech to the whole company about meeting challenges and even went surfing both at the beach and on the pond at their HQ! That combination of responsibility, fun and pioneering is hard to find and that's why I knew we had to work together."

Sam Sills litter picking with Holiday Extras

Sills, a two-time world champion and recipient of five world medals, is no stranger to the speed, skill, and adrenaline that mark the WindFoiling class, the fastest (speeds of 60kmph) and one of the most exhilarating events at the Olympic Games. The category is new for the Paris 2024 games so Sills has every chance of not merely getting gold but the sport's first ever Olympic gold. Known for his dedication and commitment, Sills has undergone an impressive physical transformation, adding 20kg to his frame to compete at his peak.

"Holiday Extras is absolutely thrilled to support an athlete of Sam's calibre. His relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and sustainability are values that resonate with us deeply," said Matthew Pack at Holiday Extras. "We're excited about our partnership and look forward to cheering Sam on in his journey towards Olympic glory."

Sills will serve as a brand ambassador for Holiday Extras, embodying the adventurous spirit and high-performance standards for which the brand stands.