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Pancakes from around the world Pancakes from around the world

Pancakes from around the world

Happy Pancake Day! Here's some of the tastiest different pancakes you can find from across the globe.

It's Pancake Day! Bored of regular pancakes with lemon and sugar? Check out some of the most popular types of pancake from around the world.


These little balls of heaven hail from the Netherlands and are a more bitesize take on the pancakes you might typically be used to. They're often served with a dusting of icing sugar and lots of butter. Or you can have them with Edam cheese if you don't have much of a sweet tooth.

Dutch pancakes


Originating in the Galician region of Spain, the crepe-like treats were traditionally made with pork fat or lard. Butter or oil is the preferred method now, served alongside sweet cream and jam.

American pancakes

Just like the ones Matilda makes in the 1996 classic. Thick slabs of batter served with fruit. Or butter, maple syrup, eggs and bacon if you're nasty.

American pancakes


Finland serves up these super-sweet, oven-baked pancakes, filled with custard and often topped with cream, jam and fruit. Perfect for breakfast and dessert.


Closest to what we have on pancake day, crépes, or thin pancakes, are ideal for flipping thanks to their wide surface area. More importantly, they originated in France and that wide surface area means more room for all your favourite toppings. Move over lemon and sugar. There are also savoury variants called gallettes.



Moroccan msemen are made from a semolina-based dough, filled with layers of spiced meat or fruit and honey, rolled out and pan fried. Buttery, flakey goodness.