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Recycling on the beach Recycling on the beach

Who are the Travel Foundation?

The Travel Foundation is our charitable partner and together we're trying to maximise the positive impact tourism has on the world.

A registered UK charity based in Bristol, the Travel Foundation works all over the world coming up with innovative ways to support communities that rely on tourism for their livelihoods. They also help preserve the natural environment, historic landmarks and the identity of a place – making sure it remains an incredible place to visit for years to come.

Make your trip count and protect the destinations you love

Since 2012 you've helped us raise more than £350,000 for the Travel Foundation, but now we want to up our game.

That's why we've committed to raising 500k for the Travel Foundation in just one year. It's an ambitious goal, but we reckon we can do it with your help.

Why should I donate?

The Travel Foundation works all over the world preserving some our favourite holiday spots – here's an idea of what they've been getting up to recently:

  • They're giving Mallorca's crystal-clear waters a helping hand by planting seagrass and securing their valuable water supply for years to come.
  • Across the Med to Turkey where the Foundation have connected rural businesses with resort hotels, restaurants and shops so they can benefit from tourism and boost the local economy.
  • In Cyprus they've been cutting out single-use plastic completely, slashing waste and fighting against the effects of climate change.
  • Further afield in Jamaica they've been backing small tourism businesses and helping them make a big impact by opening doors and creating more local jobs.
  • Honduras has been facing the rough wave of climate change but the Travel Foundation are there helping them adapt to rising sea levels and extreme weather.

Make a donation

If you want to help preserve your favourite holiday spot you can donate as little as a fiver and it'll go towards initiatives just like these.

Donate now
Plastic-free Cyprus

Protect the future of travel

Right now the Travel Foundation is helping hundreds of destinations and businesses around the globe to cut tourism's CO2 emissions in half by 2030.

This is part of the Glasgow Declaration which, as part of the UN's World Tourism Organisation, is trying to speed up action against climate change by reducing carbon emissions in tourism to net zero by 2050.

As part of this mission the Travel Foundation has built the Future of Tourism Coalition. A group of more than 600 organisations – Holiday Extras included! – that believe tourism should focus on the needs of the destination, making sure it thrives in years to come.