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London Heathrow Marriott Hotel exterior | The Holiday Extras hotel sustainability ratings London Heathrow Marriott Hotel exterior | The Holiday Extras hotel sustainability ratings

Holiday Extras to include sustainability info for hotels

Choose hotels by your values: plant-based dining, electric charging, fair wages, sustainability accreditation

For travellers wanting to make more sustainable decisions when they go away, it can be difficult to know where to start.

At Holiday Extras, we've been catching up with our hotels to find out more about their sustainability efforts, making it easier for you to choose a hotel that aligns with your values. We're excited to share their initiatives to reduce carbon footprints and waste, which we'll be ready to reveal soon. But in the meantime, there's one hotel in particular that's stood out for their sustainability efforts…

London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

Not just a comfortable stay near Heathrow Airport

The Marriott Hotel close to Heathrow offers more than just a comfortable stay before you fly. By 2025, Marriott International has pledged to reduce its landfill waste by 45% and food waste by 50%, and their Green Key accredited Heathrow hotel is at the forefront of reducing their environmental footprint.

The most striking eco-friendly feature is on the roof, where you'll find a windmill and solar panels that provide power for the external lighting and have reduced carbon emissions by 12 tons every year. There's a greenhouse up there too providing the kitchen with lots of delicious, low-mileage herbs and vegetables.

There's plenty more going on behind the scenes. The water-saving shower heads, taps and toilets have reduced the hotel's water consumption by 26% (the water pressure's still great though, don't worry), and their investment in advanced laundry machines saves the equivalent of 11,800 showers a year! Elsewhere, the innovative Food Waste Lab makes excellent use of everything from banana and watermelon skins to ground coffee to make delicious curries, desserts and even soaps. And replacing the standard 20-watt bulbs with 2.7-watt LED lights and sensors has saved a huge amount of energy too.

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You don't have to worry about your carbon footprint when getting to the airport either. The hotel partners with WeKnow London to deliver zero-emission rides to and from the terminal in plush electric cars. And you can be sure the suppliers that the Marriott works with have been carefully chosen with the environment in mind, whether that's the local farmers focusing on nearby seasonal produce or the waste management companies providing recycling and composting.

We'd recommend the Marriott Hotel at Heathrow to everyone. The truth is you probably won't even notice all the amazing things they're doing for the environment, which goes to show that you can enjoy an eco-conscious stay without compromising on quality. Think luxury, convenience and responsibility all under one roof.