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Wicked review | What we thought

We sent one of our theatre experts to see the iconic musical extravaganza that is Wicked and here's what they thought…

On 5th December 2023 I experienced an evening Defying Gravity alongside Glinda and Elphaba at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre. Together with a friend, I was transported into the Wonderful world of Oz!

Glinda was portrayed by understudy Christine Tucker (Mary Poppins), while Elphaba was played by the returning Alexia Khadime (Prince of Egypt), who played the same role from 2008 to 2010. Together they formed the perfect pair – Tucker's operatic abilities and Khadime's powerful voice harmonising seamlessly.

Oz's favourite team

Promo image of Glinda and Elphaba on stage

The show beautifully embraces all things green and has completely captivated me For Good. This exciting and familiar tale delves into the lives of two unexpected friends, and challenges the meaning of what's good and what's wicked.

Witnessing their journey of these two iconic characters from their initial duet of complete and utter loathing in What is this Feeling? to their heartfelt final performances is both fabulous and heart-wrenching.

This is what the show is really about – friendship and trust in the face of intolerance.

A strange exhilaration

Of course, the show-stopping moment arrives with the famous Defying Gravity. Following this is a much-needed interval, providing time to dry tears, buy some merch and prepare for the world of colour and emotion once more.

The way the narrative intertwines with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is brilliantly clever, providing plenty of aha moments for long-time fans and revealing previously unnoticed connections.

Brimming with catchy musical numbers, this show is a must-see in London's West End. It's currently running until the 15th of December 2024.

One short day…

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