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Manchester Airport FAQ Hub

To help you get all the information you need for a simple and straightforward visit to Manchester airport, from parking to transferring between the terminals and more, browse our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Manchester Airport Pick Up

Do you have to pay to pick people up at Manchester Airport?

Pick Up parking at Manchester airport starts from £6.00 for 30 minutes.

Manchester Airport Pick Up Charges
Duration Price*
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
Up to 4 hours (Not applicable for T3 Arrivals) £30.00
Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) £58.00

How do I pick someone up at Manchester Airport?

There are different parking options available depending on which terminal you're picking up from. All car parks are clearly signposted as you enter the airport.

Manchester Airport Pick Up Parking
Pick Up Zone Location Distance to Terminal
T1 Pick Up Zone T1 Short Stay car park 1-3 minute walk to T1
T2 Pick Up Zone Level 0 of the T2 West Multi Storey car park 4-5 minute walk to T2
T3 Pick Up Zone T3 Multi Storey Car Park 1-3 minute walk to T3

To pay, take a token from the entrance barrier and use it at any of the automatic ticket machines in and around the terminal buildings or alternatively on departure, use your token at the exit barrier.

Is there a free pick up point at Manchester Airport?

No, unfortunately there isn't a free pick up point at Manchester airport. Prices start from £6.00 for 30 minutes.

Manchester Airport Drop Off

Is Drop Off at Manchester Airport free?

Manchester airport has a FREE Drop Off area, located in JetParks 1 (Thorley Lane, M90 5AZ). A 24-hour shuttle bus will transport passengers to the airport, free of charge. Journey times take between 5-7 minutes depending on the terminal you're travelling to

Guests can park in the Free Drop Off for a maximum of 60 minutes. Longer stays will incur an overstay charge of £25.00. Blue Badge holders are exempt from this time limit and can stay for as long as they need. There are rules against re-entering the car park for a period of 30 minutes - a recirculation fee of £25.00 will apply if you do.

What is the procedure for Drop Off at Manchester Airport?

There are 3 main Drop Off areas to consider and the procedures differ slightly, depending on what option you choose. Find out more below:

Manchester Airport Free Drop Off

  • Park for FREE for 60 minutes in the Free Drop Off area, located in JetParks 1
  • Passengers will need to hop on the free shuttle bus to the terminal - transfers run 24/7 and take between 5-7 minutes
  • Since there are no parking charges, when you're ready to leave, simply exit the car park

Manchester Airport Terminal Drop Off

  • Located directly outside the terminals, your passengers can grab their luggage and be inside within moments
  • The following charges apply: £5.00 for 5 minutes and £6.00 for 10 minutes
  • Payment is taken at the exit barrier
  • An overstay charge of £25 will apply after 10 minutes

Manchester Airport Multi-Storey/Short Stay car parks

  • Perfect if you want to drop your passengers off within walking distance while having more time to say your goodbyes
  • Dropping off for Terminal 1? Use Short Stay T1. Terminal 2? Use T2 West Multi-Storey. Terminal 3? Use T3 Multi-storey
  • Prices start from £6.00 for 30 minutes
  • Pay at the automatic ticket machines in/around the terminal or at the exit barrier
Manchester Airport Multi-Storey/Short Stay Charges
Duration Price*
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
Up to 4 hours (Not applicable for T3 Multi Storey*) £30.00
Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) £58.00

*T3 Multi Storey has a 2-hour maximum stay length. Stays exceeding 2 hours will incur a £50 per day charge.

Please note: T1 Multi-Storey and T2 East Multi-Storey are restricted to pre-booked customers only which is why we recommend T1 flyers opt for Short Stay T1 and T2 flyers opt for T2 West Multi-Storey instead, where pre-booking isn't required.

How long do you get to drop off at Manchester Airport?

Manchester Airport Drop Off- Max stay length
Drop Off area Maximum length of stay Prices starting from*
Free Drop Off 60 minutes FREE
Terminal Drop Off 10 minutes £5.00 (for 5 mins)
Multi Storey/Short Stay Up to 24 hours (excluding T3 Multi Storey) £6.00 (for 30 mins)

Manchester Airport Parking

What is the cheapest way to park at Manchester Airport?

JetParks is the cheapest Manchester airport parking. With hassle-free procedures, speedy 5-10 minute transfers and brilliant low prices, it's no surprise it's a firm favourite with our customers.

Drop and Go and APH Park and Ride also offer amazing value for money.

Cheapest Manchester Airport Parking
MAN car park Distance to terminal Pre-book price* (8 days)
JetParks 5-10 minute transfer £37.99
APH Park & Ride 7 minute transfer £39.92
Drop & Go 2-5 minute bus journey to T1 & T2
5 minute walk to T3

What is the best parking option at Manchester Airport?

Here at Holiday Extras, we only sell the very best, quality-assured parking at Manchester airport so, whatever your budget or travel needs, you're sure to find a car park that suits you.

Cheapest Manchester airport parking

The best car parks if you're looking to save money are JetParks, Drop and Go and APH. These Park and Rides require a short shuttle bus to the airport, but it's because of this, that they boast the cheapest prices throughout the year. So, if you don't mind a quick transfer to the terminal, keep an eye out for these money-saving options. Prices start from £37.99 p/w.

Parking within walking distance

If you like the sound of being able to walk to and from the terminal in a matter of minutes, the Mid Stay and Multi Storey car parks would be a great choice for you. The Mid Stay car parks are particularly convenient if you're flying from Terminal 1 or 3 - it takes just 3 minutes to walk to T3 and less than 10 minutes to T1. The Multi Storey car parks offer covered parking just a 1-8 minutes walk away from the terminals. Prices start from £56.99 p/w.

Want to have your car parked for you?

Skip the need for a transfer bus or hunting down a space, instead allow a friendly, experienced driver handle all of the parking for you with a Meet and Greet package. Simply drop your car off near your terminal and stroll straight to the check-in desks in 1-2 minutes. On your return, your car will be ready and waiting for you. Prices start from £65.99 p/w.

Can I just turn up and park at Manchester Airport?

You can turn up and park at the following Manchester airport car parks:

  • T1 Short Stay
  • T2 West Multi Storey
  • T3 Multi Storey

Please keep in mind that you will pay the premium turn up prices (listed below).

Instead of turning up on the day, we always recommend booking in advance - it's one of the easiest ways to make super savings on your Manchester airport parking. When you pre-book with Holiday Extras you can save up to 70%! And remember, all of our packages are easy and FREE to amend and cancel. This means you can enjoy cheaper, advance rates with peace of mind that, if your plans change, you won't be out of pocket.

Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Turn Up Prices
Duration Price*
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
Up to 4 hours £30.00
Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) £58.00
Manchester Airport Short Stay Turn Up Prices
Duration Price*
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
Up to 4 hours £30.00
Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) £58.00
Manchester Airport T3 Multi Storey Turn Up Prices
Duration Price*
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
An overstay charge of £50 per day will apply after 2 hours

Is it cheaper to book Manchester Airport parking in advance?

Yes! We always recommend pre-booking your parking at Manchester airport to enjoy the cheapest rates. When you book in advance with Holiday Extras, not only will you guarantee yourself a space but you'll save up to a huge 70% off the on-the-gate prices.

Take a look at how much you can save when you book in advance compared to paying on the day.

MAN Turn Up vs Pre-Booked Prices
Car Park Turn Up Price* (Per day) Pre-booked Price with Holiday Extras* (Per day) Saving per day
Manchester Airport Multi Storey £58.00 £7.00 £51.00

Why can't I park at Manchester Airport?

If you're having trouble returning any availability after making a search it could be down to reasons such as: the car park might be fully booked for all/part of your stay, you're trying to book for less than the minimum stay or the car park might be temporarily unavailable, if there's redevelopment work taking place for example.

Where to park when flying from Manchester Airport?

Not sure where to park at Manchester airport? Use our handy table below to help make comparing all of our options easier.

Manchester Airport Parking Options and Prices
Car park Transfer time Pre-book price* (8 days)
Low-priced and secured. Favourite with customers travelling for a week or more.
5-10 minute transfer £37.99
APH Park & Ride
Trusted and reliable off-airport parking. Have your car parked for you.
7 minute transfer £39.92
Drop & Go
Super simple and affordable parking, ideal for 1-2 week trips. Great alternative to Jetparks.
2-5 minute bus journey to T1 & T2
5 minute walk to T3
Undercover parking, ideal for T1 & T3. Find a space, keep your keys.
1-8 minute walk £56.99
T1/T3 Mid Stay
Ideally located close to the terminals. Perfect for shorter breaks and business trips.
3 minutes to T3, less than 10 minutes to T1 £59.99
Meet and Greet
Time-saving, convenient and close. Handy if you're travelling with children or heavy luggage.
1-2 minutes walk £63.99

Manchester Airport General Information

How do I avoid Manchester Airport queues?

The quietest times at Manchester airport are between 9pm and 3am. From 5am it starts getting busy, with peak times stretching from 7am to 5pm. So with this in mind, if you can book an early morning or late evening flight you have the best chance of avoiding the large queues. The busiest days tend to be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, due to people booking weekend breaks, so avoid these days if possible.

Another way to help avoid lengthy queues is to book Manchester airport Fast Track passes which grants you access to an express security queue, meaning a much quicker transition through to the departures lounge. Prices start from just £5.00.

Can you walk from T1 to T3 at Manchester?

Yes, the walking distance between T1 and T3 is 2 minutes.

Can you walk from T1 to T2 at Manchester?

You can easily walk between T1 and T2 in around 15 minutes via the moving walkway.

How do I get from T2 to T3 Manchester?

To get from T2 to T3 you'll need to travel via T1 and it will take roughly 17 minutes in total. It's a 15 minute walk from T2 to T1 and from there it's a 2 minute walk to T3.

Manchester Airport Hotels

Does Manchester have an airport hotel?

Yes. There are 4 hotels on-site at Manchester airport: the Radisson Blu, Clayton Hotel, Hilton and Crowne Plaza. These hotels are all just a short walk or transfer ride away from the terminals. There's also a brilliant selection of hotels near Manchester airport, most within 5 miles, that offer convenience and comfort for a money-saving price. Plus, at Holiday Extras all of our Manchester airport hotels can be packaged with parking for an ultra convenient airport experience.

*Prices correct at time of writing.