The Best Ghost Tours In The UK

Spooky tours around the UK

The Best Ghost Tours in the UK

After narrowly surviving Halloween after watching The Woman in Black from behind my clammy hands (with only the light of a devilish pumpkin to lift the darkness), searching for the UK's best ghost tours is giving me the heebie jeebies - and I don't even believe in ghosts. What with all our old castles, houses, pubs and remote spots, the UK is full of spine-tingling stories and horrible histories perfect for a terrifying tour. These are our recommendations for the scariest ghost tours in the UK.

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh Ghost Tour

Mercat Tours runs Hidden & Haunted, a daily late night ghost tour for adults only. They promise tales of torture, treason and tormented souls, all in the shadows of flickering candle light. The city's darkest and most disturbing secrets unfold on this walk which finishes at the infamous and ghoul-ridden Blair Street Underground Vaults. One hour, £12 adults, £10 concessions. This UK ghost tour will make you a believer.

Spook factor: 4/5

York, England

York Ghost Tour

This characterful historic city is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the world so there are many ghost tours to choose from. The Ghost Hunt of York which begins at the Shambles at 7.30pm every evening is very popular with families for its fun and entertaining take on spooky goings-on in the snickelways. Ninety minutes, £6 adults, £4 children. Not the creepiest ghost tour in the UK, but the kids will love it!

Spook factor: 1/5

Pluckley, England

Pluckley Ghost Tour

With at least 12 reported ghosts, Pluckley in Kent has been named the most haunted village in England by Guinness World Records. Ghost hunters, including a number of TV shows, head here to get a glimpse of the screaming man, highwayman, schoolmaster and the Red Lady who haunt the area after meeting grisly ends. Ghost Hunt Events organises the Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt, a late/overnight participatory event rather than a walk, so suited to serious spirit-searchers who want to interact with tortured souls. Three hours, £15 adults.

Spook factor: 5/5

London, England

London Ghost Tour

For a thrilling and chilling city bus ride, the London Ghost Bus Tour aims to keep you on the edge of your double seat with its blend of freaky fun and comedy horror. You'll discover the darker side of the capital's famous sights from within a classic, but black, Routemaster bus on this very popular theatrical experience. A little too much horror for young children. One hour 15 minutes, £21 adults, £15 children and concessions.

Spook factor: 3/5

Llandaff, Wales

Llandaff Ghost Tour

There are five main spectres thought to reside in this Welsh hamlet within Cardiff, including the ghost of a young boy who drowned in the River Taff, his frantic mother and a man who committed suicide in the town's graveyard and now pokes walkers on ghost tours and follows them at a polite distance. The Llandaff Ghost Walk from Cardiff History and Hauntings is regularly praised as one of the best ghost tours in the UK, with engaging guides taking you through graveyards, country lanes, fields and ruins in the darkness. Children must be over 12 years of age.

Spook factor: 3/5

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ghost Tour

The Hellfire Club tour is a nighttime mountain adventure in Dublin serving up stunning views, excitement and dark rituals involving human and animal sacrifices and the cloven-hoofed one himself. Oh, and there's a haunted hunting lodge. Not for those of a nervous disposition! While Dublin isn't in the UK, you can reach this scary ghost tour with just a short flight for a scary weekend break.

Spook factor: 5/5

If you're planning to take part in a ghost tour, make sure you check individual websites for booking details so you don't miss out!

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