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Increased security measures mean tighter restrictions on what's allowed on board, especially when it comes to bringing liquids onto the plane.

You will be able to take pushchairs and buggies right up to the departure gates. However, bear in mind that they will need to be x-rayed, at which time your child will have to be lifted out of the chair. Baby car seats are allowed through security, but it is advisable to check with your airline for their own particular policy on baby seats.

When boarding the plane, you may carry a baby bag in addition to your usual hand luggage, even if the baby does not have its own seat.

Bottles and cartons of milk do not have to conform to the 100ml limit set on other liquids, and nor are they required to fit into the resealable bag. The amount of milk you take on board must be roughly equal to only what is required for the journey, and 50% of it will have to be taste tested. This rule also applies to all baby food you're taking on board. Fifty percent of it will have to be tested before you board the plane.

It will be apparent that most baby items are allowed on board, but you should be aware that some are subject to a few of their own security checks.

While most baby items are allowed on board, you should be aware that some are subject to specific security checks. Before you pass through security, ensure that all your baby food is easily accessible, as you'll need to have it tested before clearance. If you're unsure about any items, check with your airline before you leave home. Also, don't forget that many items - such as baby food and wet wipes - can be purchased in duty-free shops after you've passed through security.

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