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Older travellers 'think long-haul'

More long-haul flights are encouraging more people aged over 50 to consider retiring abroad, an industry expert has said.

A spokesperson for Saga explained that older people were beginning to become more adventurous when planning holidays and this was feeding through to more people opting to retire to "far-flung" destinations.

She added: "Favourite long-haul destinations ten years ago would have been America and Canada, whereas today South Africa, New Zealand, China and South America are in our top ten long-haul holidays."

However, the spokesperson continued, explaining that older people tended to want to travel in more comfort than they would have when they were younger.

"A recent survey we carried out did show that a third of the over 50s were more concerned today about the quality and length of their holiday than they were when they were younger," she confirmed.

"So yes, I think having the option to fly in a better class or pick a luxury resort in a far-flung destination has encouraged more people to travel long-haul."

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