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HMS Belfast Experience
with a London hotel stay

HMS Belfast with Hotel Stay

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HMS Belfast Experience
with a London hotel stay

Boatloads of fun awaits when you combine your HMS Belfast tickets with an overnight stay in a top London hotel.

The HMS Belfast, an impressive warship from World War II, is now a permanently moored museum on the River Thames just waiting to be explored. Journey through all 9 decks of this iconic Royal Navy ship, including the Lower Deck, deep under the Thames waterline, up to the top of the Flag Deck and learn all about the ship's 83-year history. Along with your attraction tickets, our money-saving package includes an overnight stay at a nearby hotel with breakfast included, so you and your crew can stretch your visit into an awesome city break. We have a fantastic range of London hotels to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something to suit your style and budget.

HMS Belfast Captain's Chair HMS Belfast City Views HMS Belfast City Interactive Games HMS Belfast City Lower Decks HMS Belfast City Living Quarters

What to expect at the HMS Belfast?

With 9 decks to explore, there's so much to discover at HMS Belfast.

HMS Belfast highlights include:

  • D-Day experience - A new immersive sound installation depicting 05.27 on D-Day: 6 June 1944, when HMS Belfast's guns opened fire on the Normandy beaches.
  • Take the helm (and a selfie) - See what it's like to enjoy the best seat on board, the Captain's chair.
  • Battle stations! - The 'World of Warships: Command Center' is a free interactive gaming room where visitors can take the virtual helm of the warship and lead it into battle.
  • What was it like being a crew member? - Visit the crowded living quarters, the galley, medical rooms, bakery and provision stores, and the engine and boiler rooms to get a sense of what living and working on board was like.
  • Take in 360° views of London - The Flag Deck, the highest vantage point of the ship, is a fantastic place to soak up the sights of the city.
  • And so much more…

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HMS Belfast - FAQs

Where is HMS Belfast docked?

HMS Belfast is moored on the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge.

The Queen's Walk,
How long does it take to see HMS Belfast?

The average visit to HMS Belfast lasts around 90 minutes, but visitors are welcome to stay longer, with many spending half a day or more exploring.

Why is HMS Belfast so famous?

HMS Belfast is one of only three remaining vessels from the bombardment fleet which supported the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944. She spent a total of 33 days in Normandy and fired over 5,000 shells. She also played an important role in protecting Russia's supply route throughout the war, the arctic convoys. Most notably, she helped sink the German battlecruiser, Scharnhorst, during the Battle of North Cape.