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Monopoly Lifesized + Hotel Stay

Monopoly Lifesized with Hotel Stay

Monopoly Lifesized with a London hotel stay

Play and stay! Experience the world's favourite board game in real life AND enjoy a relaxing stopover in a top, London hotel.

Want to take game night to a whole new level? Monopoly Lifesized, an immersive, on-your-feet version of the world's favourite family game, will be right up your street. Located on Tottenham Court Road in London and hosted by Mr. Monopoly himself, players will get to complete challenges, buy properties and escape jail as you roll, hop and chance your way around the 15m x 15m board to bank as much money as possible. Our fun-filled Monopoly Lifesized packages don't just come with tickets! They also include an overnight stay in a swish, nearby hotel and a hearty breakfast the next morning, allowing you to stretch your day trip into an awesome London getaway.

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At Holiday Extras we're proud to offer exclusive package deals on top attractions and nearby hotels to help you save money and get the most out of your visit. Staying just moments away means you don't have to worry about travel and traffic eating into your holiday time, so you can concentrate on having fun and making memories.

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More about Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly lovers can expect classic elements from their favourite game - pick your favourite token, enjoy the thrill of passing Go, try your luck on a Chance Card and even spend a turn in Jail, all while enjoying a mixture of escape-room-style physical and mental puzzles, riddles and games set around London landmarks.

There are 4 boards to choose from: Luxury, Classic, City and Junior (for kids aged 5-9 years) so whether you're playing with friends or have the whole family in tow, there's a gaming experience that's just right for you.

Afterwards, why not make your way to the themed restaurant and bar, The Top Hat. With a menu of delicious food, including their famous Com-moo-nity Chest Beef Burger and Monopoly's Millionaire Cheesecake, plus bespoke cocktails, it's the perfect place for some well-earned refreshments.

Fun Fact

Monopoly Lifesized is an 80-minute game but did you know the longest game of Monopoly on record lasted 70 straight days!

Monopoly Lifesized - FAQs

Where is Monopoly Lifesized located?
213-215 Tottenham Court Road,
Does Monopoly Lifesized have an age limit?
The Classic, City and Luxury boards are suitable for anyone aged 9 and over.
How long is the game?

Monopoly Lifesized game takes place over 80 minutes including a briefing at the start.

How many people will be into a game at one time?

There will be a maximum of 24 people per game.

How big can my team be?

Monopoly Lifesized can be played solo, as a couple or even bigger teams, although they do limit the number to a maximum of 6 people per group to ensure the best experience for everyone.