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Heathrow Airport Parking - FAQs

If you're planning a trip via Heathrow Airport then it's likely you have some questions, and you've come to the right place for answers! We've been selling airport parking since the late 1980s, and it's something we know a lot about. Whether you're considering the costs, security, or distance to the terminals, this Heathrow Airport Parking FAQs page can help.

What's the difference between on-airport and off-airport Heathrow parking?

On-airport Heathrow car parks are within the airport grounds, so transfers to the terminal are usually quick. Off-airport Heathrow car parks are outside the airport grounds but won't be more than a few miles away. All Heathrow car parks have free regular transfers running to and from the terminals. Our off-airport car parks include Airparks, APH, Holiday Extras and Purple Parking.

What if my flight back to Heathrow is delayed and I overrun my parking time?

Don't worry, your car will still be safe until you return. When you arrive back at the car park, you can pay for the extra hours or days you exceed locally. Extra hours or days will be charged at the car park's gate rate. Be aware though, for most Heathrow Airport car parks and services, there is typically a grace period depending on the provider.

It's important to keep your parking provider informed of any changes to your arrival and return times, especially for services like Meet & Greet, to avoid any issues with collecting your car.

Is Heathrow airport parking safe and secure?

Yes, Heathrow Airport car parks are fully secured and have security measures like CCTV, entry and exit barriers, fencing and lighting in place to keep your car safe.

What should I do if I lose my parking ticket at Heathrow?

The important thing to do is not to panic if you've lost your parking ticket! Just speak to a member of the parking team when you get back. Either, press the help button on the exit barrier when you leave, or speak to the team in the parking office.

How long can I park in Heathrow Airport Short Stay car park?

There is no maximum length of time you can stay at Heathrow Airport's Short Stay car park if you turn up and park on the day without pre-booking. You can stay as long as you like and will continue to pay the drive-up daily tariff. The maximum length of stay you can pre-book in advance, however, is 99 days.

Are there any discounts available for Heathrow Airport Parking?

Yes, if you book your Heathrow parking with a competitive provider such as Holiday Extras, along with saving up to 70% off on-the-gate prices, with a Heathrow Promo Code you can also save up to an additional 12% off your airport parking. Holiday Extras is also covered by a Never Beaten on Price* Guarantee so you won't find a cheaper deal (and we'll refund the difference if you do).

Is there a shuttle service from the car parks to the terminals at Heathrow?

Yes, Heathrow Airport offers several parking services with shuttle transfers. These services include:

  • Long Stay Parking - Heathrow's Official Long Stay car park offers a free shuttle service to the airport. Transfers take between 7-15 minutes to reach the terminal, depending on which terminal you're travelling from.
  • Park and Ride - A popular budget-friendly option, these transfers are usually free-of-charge or included in the price of your airport parking. Shuttle services operate frequently and ensure a convenient and reliable transfer to and from the terminals. Parking providers include Drop and Ride and Purple Parking Park and Ride, available at each terminal (transfer times vary from 5 to 20 minutes in duration).

Which car park is best if I'm flying from Terminal 4 at Heathrow?

There are several parking options if you're flying from Heathrow Terminal 4. Depending on whether you're looking for the cheapest deal, or if proximity to the airport is your main concern. Your best option for parking is one of the following:

What are the different types of parking options available at Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport offers a variety of parking options to suit different needs and various preferences. The parking options include:

  • Short Stay Parking - Located next to each terminal. This parking is ideal for short visits and perfect for picking up or dropping off passengers. This is available at all terminals (2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Long Stay Parking - Dedicated Long Stay car parks are available for each terminal, with free shuttle buses to the terminal every 10-15 minutes. These car parks are secure and patrolled.
  • Business Parking - With dedicated car parks, close to the terminals, this is ideal for business travellers who need quick and frequent access to their cars.
  • Meet and Greet Parking - For super convenient parking. This service involves leaving your car with a professional driver at the terminal, and having it brought back to you upon your return.
  • Valet Parking - Similar to Meet and Greet parking, with Valet parking you drop off your car at the terminal and it is parked for you. Upon your return, your car will be ready and waiting for you at the terminal.
  • Park and Ride - Typically a cheaper option for longer stays. These services are available at car parks located slightly further from the terminals and include regular shuttle bus services to and from the airport.

Is there electric car charging available at Heathrow?

Yes, there are several options available for charging your electric vehicle (EV) at Heathrow Airport.

  • Short Stay parking - All short stay car parks at Heathrow provide 7kW chargers. These are conveniently located near the terminal entrances, making it easy to charge your vehicle while you are parked up.
  • Meet and Greet - EV charging can be booked with your parking, or is available at an additional fee, with several Meet and Greet providers at Heathrow Airport including MBW Meet and Greet.
  • Park and Ride - Offering affordable rates, plus EVC charging, there are several Heathrow Park and Ride services with electric vehicle charging such as Purple Parking.

What is the difference between short-stay and long-stay parking at Heathrow Airport?

The differences between short-stay and long-stay parking at Heathrow are dependent on the duration of stay, location, cost and convenience. Let's dive into the main differences between these two options:

  • Short Stay Parking - Ideal if you're only parking for a few hours, this car park is frequently used by people picking up or dropping off passengers because it's situated very close to the terminals. The short-stay car parks are located very close to the airport terminals, and are designated for easy drop-offs and pick-ups.
  • Long Stay Parking - Ideal for holiday-goers that would like to park for longer. Long stay parking is generally further from the terminals, but shuttle services are available to transport passengers to and from the airport. Offering lower prices than the short stay car park, this is perfect for saving extra cash to spend on more exciting holiday activities.

Both car parks are secure, with regular patrols, and have designated disabled parking bays for passengers with disabilities or limited mobility. Short stay is located right next to the terminals and offers clearly signed blue badge disabled parking bays close to the entrances. In the long stay car parks, the free shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible and run regularly between the car parks and the terminals.

How much does it cost to park at Heathrow Airport?

The cost of your Heathrow airport parking varies depending on the type of parking you'd like to book and the duration you intend to stay for. Here's a quick overview of the parking options available:

  • Short Stay Parking - For quick visits, or for picking up or dropping off passengers, the Short Stay car park is ideal. Situated just minutes from the airport, prices start from £7.50 for up to 30 minutes, £11 for up to 45 minutes and so on.
  • Long Stay Parking: If you're planning a slightly longer trip, the Long Stay car park offers a convenient and affordable option, with the first 29 minutes free-of-charge and £39.50 for up to 24 hours, off-peak.
  • Longer Parking Stays - If you intend to park for longer, it's advisable to book Heathrow Airport Parking. Pre-booking is recommended as it can significantly reduce the costs of your long-term parking. If you book with a trusted provider like Holiday Extras, you can save up to 70% off the on-the-gate price, which is a substantial saving. You can choose from a variety of services and parking providers, with secure parking guaranteed and a variety of competitive offers to choose from.

What is the maximum duration for Heathrow Airport Parking?

At Heathrow Airport, there's no set maximum period for how long you can park your car, giving you great flexibility if your travel plans change and you need to park for a longer time. Just keep in mind that if you stay beyond your pre-booked period, additional charges will apply and these can add up quickly.

For long-term parking, it's a good idea to compare Heathrow Airport Parking options with a trusted provider like Holiday Extras. We offer a variety of competitively priced deals and services. Plus, when you book in advance, you can save up to 70% and get the best value for your money.

How long does it take to get from the car park to the airport terminal at Heathrow Airport?

The time it takes to travel from a car park to either Heathrow Terminal 2, 3, 4 or 5 depends on the airport parking service that you require. But a general breakdown is as follows:

  • Short Stay car park - Located very close to the terminal, it's just a short stroll to check-in.
  • Long Stay car park - Shuttle buses run every 10-15 minutes, and the transfer takes about 5-15 minutes, depending on the terminal.
  • Park and Ride - Individual car parks offering Park and Ride services have transfer times that vary based on their distance from the airport. For example Good to Go Park and Ride takes 15 minutes.
  • Meet and Greet parking - The most convenient option, this service offers you quick access to the terminal. Once you drop off your car, it takes only a few minutes to walk to the check-in desks.

Can I cancel my Heathrow airport parking booking?

Yes, if you book your airport parking with Holiday Extras, thanks to Flextras, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility to easily and freely amend or cancel your booking for any reason. Plus, you can re-book for another date without any hassle.

*Prices correct at time of writing.