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Gatwick Meet and Greet Airport Parking - FAQs

We're experts in Gatwick airport parking, and we only work with the most trusted Meet and Greet parking operators that are Gatwick-approved, so you can book with peace of mind that your car will be in secured, experienced hands.

If you're flying out of Gatwick and have questions about your most convenient parking options, our Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking FAQs page is here to help. Find out about costs, security, how close you'll be to the terminals and more.

What is Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick?

Meet and Greet parking is the most convenient airport parking you can book; this premium parking service is available to book through multiple trusted providers at Holiday Extras. Key benefits of Meet and Greet parking include:

  • Super convenient - There's no need to search for a parking space on the day of your travel, or worry about additional travel to and from the car parks. Simply drop your car off at the terminal and a professional driver will park your car for you, as you stroll to the check-in desks.
  • Time-saving - Ideal if you're on a tight schedule, have heavy luggage or require mobility assistance. Meet and Greet is the perfect time-saving option for airport parking. Saving you the hassle of searching for a space which is particularly beneficial if you've got an early morning flight.
  • Peace of mind - When you book with a reliable provider such as Holiday Extras you can enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that your car is parked in a secure facility while you are away.

Are there any discounts available for Gatwick Meet and Greet parking?

If you choose to book your Gatwick Meet and Greet parking through a trusted provider like Holiday Extras, you can enjoy significant savings. Not only can you save up to 80% compared to on-the-gate prices, but with a Gatwick Promo Code, you can also benefit from an additional discount of up to 12% on your Meet and Greet parking. Furthermore, Holiday Extras offers a Never Beaten on Price* Guarantee, ensuring you won't find a cheaper deal elsewhere (we'll actually refund the difference if you do!)

What are the differences between Short Stay, Long Stay, Meet and Greet, and Valet Parking at Gatwick?

At Gatwick Airport, a variety of parking options are available to meet your different needs and preferences, including Short Stay, Long Stay, Meet and Greet, and Valet Parking. Each option offers unique benefits and varies in cost, proximity to the airport, and convenience. Here's an outline of what you can expect from each:

  • Short Stay Parking - Ideal for brief visits, Short Stay car parks are situated close to the terminal for super convenient access.
  • Long Stay Parking - More economical for longer parking stays, Long Stay parking benefits from complimentary shuttle transfers to and from the terminal.
  • Meet and Greet Parking - Perfect for those who appreciate convenience and a touch of luxury. You leave your car with a professional driver at the terminal and retrieve it upon your return.
  • Valet Parking - Offers the ultimate convenience, in a similar way to Meet and Greet parking. You drop off your car at the terminal, and it is parked for you. Upon your return, your car is promptly available nearby.
  • Park and Ride - Typically the most affordable option for long-term parking, located further from the terminals with regular shuttle services.

What is the difference between Meet and Greet parking and Self Parking at Gatwick Airport?

Meet and Greet parking and traditional self parking at Gatwick Airport offer different levels of convenience, and which you prefer will depend on the level of parking service you're after. Here's a breakdown of how these services differ:

Meet and Greet parking

  • Convenience - Drive directly to the terminal or a nearby designated area, where a professional driver meets you. You hand over your car keys, and the driver parks your car for you in a secure off-site location.
  • Cost - Typically more expensive due to the high level of service and convenience provided.
  • Security - Your vehicle is parked in a secure car park with CCTV in operation for the duration of your trip.
  • Added perks - Additional services include options like car washing or interior cleaning. For instance, an I Love Valet Parking package at Gatwick includes a professional, exterior car wash and chocolates and water for your journey home.

Traditional parking or Self-Parking

  • Convenience - Traditional parking involves driving to the designated parking area and finding a parking space on your own, which is more time consuming in the long run. You keep your keys and make your way to the terminal, either by walking or taking a shuttle, depending on the distance.
  • Cost - Generally less expensive than Meet and Greet services, with costs varying based on the distance from the terminal and the type of car park.
  • Security - Features like CCTV, and regular patrols are standard, though you retain possession of your keys.

Meet and Greet is an ideal service if you're pressed for time or looking for direct access to the terminal without the hassle of having to park your car. This is typically a more expensive option but a higher price tag is often worth the added convenience.

Traditional parking is better suited to those on a tighter budget or passengers who prefer to know where and how their car is parked. Either parking options have their advantages, and your choice ultimately depends on your personal preference along with your budget and travel needs.

How secure is Gatwick Meet and Greet parking?

Once you've handed your car keys over to the professional driver they will park your car in a secure car park. Secured car parks have security measures like CCTV, entry and exit barriers, fencing and lighting to keep your car safe.

What parking providers offer Gatwick Airport Meet and Greet?

There are several parking providers offering reliable Meet and Greet services at Gatwick Airport, for those seeking the ultra-convenient experience that makes you feel like a VIP! Here's a quick overview of several of the parking options available, with options for both terminals:

  • Ace Meet and Greet - Available at either the North or South Terminal. This parking is as 'Ace' as it sounds with no hidden fees and free cancellation, providing flexibility and affordability.
  • I Love Meet and Greet - Available at both terminals, enjoy forecourt drop off just a 2-minute walk from the check-in desks. If you'd like to spend a bit extra, you can even enjoy the luxury of your car being washed for you before collection.
  • Airparks Meet & Greet - Simply drive to departures, where you will be met by one of Airparks' friendly drivers. You can't miss them - they'll be wearing an Airparks uniform and a smile.
  • Purple Parking Meet & Greet - One of the most popular parking providers, this Meet and Greet service is available for booking at either terminal.
  • Holiday Extras Meet & Greet - With text confirmation, no wait guarantee and late return cover this option is an ideal choice for added peace of mind.

What is the best Meet and Greet for Gatwick North?

If you're jetting off from Gatwick North and looking for the ultimate convenience, you're in luck! With several operators to choose from, we've got you covered with some top choices below:

What is the best Meet and Greet for Gatwick South?

There are a range of parking providers with top deals if you're travelling from Gatwick South and fancy the convenience of not having to hunt for your own parking space. With several to choose from, either operated by the airport themselves or by one of our trusted operators, we've highlighted a few of the best providers below:

Can I use Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick if I have a disability?

Yes, in fact Meet and Greet parking is particularly beneficial for passengers with disabilities as they offer greater convenience and reduce the need to worry about airport transfers to and from the airport. Instead, customers can drive straight to the terminal where a chauffeur will meet you and park your car in a secure location.

How much is Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick?

The cost of your Meet and Greet parking varies depending on the provider and the duration of your trip. Holiday Extras has a fantastic selection of Meet and Greet deals to choose from, from as low as £6.12* per day.

Use our handy table below to compare Gatwick Meet and Greet packages. The cheapest deals are at the top of the list!

LGW Airport Car Parks Our pre-booked price*
ACE Meet & Greet £49.00
Purple Parking Meet & Greet £64.00
Maple Parking Meet & Greet £64.00
I Love Meet and Greet Parking £70.00
Meteor Meet & Greet £70.00
I Love Valet Meet and Greet £95.00

Where do I drop off my car for Meet and Greet at Gatwick?

The drop-off locations for Meet and Greet vary depending on the provider you choose and the terminal you're travelling from. Typically, the drop-off area is located near the terminal entrance and is usually clearly signposted. The exact details will be provided by the service you book.

Upon your arrival a representative from the Meet and Greet service will meet you, take your keys, and then drive your car to a secure parking facility. Providers often ask you to call them when you are close to the airport so they can ensure a representative is ready to meet you.

Can I cancel my Gatwick Meet and Greet parking booking?

Yes, thanks to Flextras, if you book your Meet and Greet parking with Holiday Extras, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility to amend or cancel your booking for any reason. Plus, you can re-book your parking for another date without any hassle.

*Prices correct at time of writing.