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Tried, tested, recommended - how Holiday Extras makes sure you get the right airport hotel

Tried, tested, recommended. That's the Holiday Extras promise.

But what does it mean? Our hotel reviewer India Guest explains in the video below how we visit and review our airport hotels.

How we create unique, exclusive videos of our airport hotels

Tried, tested, recommended means that expert airport hotel reviewers from the Holiday Extras team visit the hotels you see on our website. We create original, unique video reviews of each hotel, so you can look around before you book and see which one is right for you. Like one of our customers' favourites, the Copthorne hotel at Gatwick airport (see below).

Our review of the Copthorne hotel at Gatwick airport

There are hundreds of websites where you can book an airport hotel. But Holiday Extras are the only people who specialise in helping you get a better start to your holiday, so we're the only website that shows you just how each airport hotel really works when you're flying off the next morning. No-one else specialises in showing you how every airport hotel will fit into your holiday plans, so no-one else has hundreds of video reviews for you to check out. That's one of the reasons why, if you're thinking of an airport hotel, you should always come to us first and check out the hotel you want on our app or our website.

Hotel reviews on the Holiday Extras YouTube channel

More than 300 original video reviews on the Holiday Extras YouTube channel

We check out each hotel, and make sure it really will help you start your holiday early. We sleep in the beds. We eat the breakfasts. We check the facilities. We make sure you'll make it to the airport in time for your flight. So you can book every hotel we sell with confidence.

Book your airport hotel

We've been reviewing airport hotels and sharing our findings with our customers for nearly ten years now, so we've got hundreds of original airport hotel reviews. Our reviews let you see around the hotel you're thinking of starting your holiday in, from the rooms and the breakfast to the ground, facilities and little extras. We've reviewed almost all of the hotels we sell, and because things change we've been to some of them five or six times. You can see our reviews when you search on our website for an airport hotel, or you can visit Holiday Extras YouTube channel to see them all together.

Our review of the Rennaisance hotel, Heathrow airport

So if you want to get a real sense of the best airport hotel for your trip, take a look at the Holiday Extras video reviews. Holiday Extras is the largest and longest-running provider of holiday extras. That's airport hotels, airport parking, lounges, insurance, transfers, overseas car hire and everything else that turns a trip into a proper holiday where can really kick back and relax knowing all the details are taken care of.

Book your airport hotel early

It pays to book your airport parking, airport hotel or your lounge as soon as you book your flights. Prices usually go up nearer the date you fly, so you can usually save money by visiting us as soon as you've booked your trip.

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