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How we're keeping airport parking safe after lockdown

If you're planning your first trip after lockdown, you're probably wondering what has changed since the last time you went to the airport.

One of the things we're here to help with is keeping your airport parking safe, so here's a quick rundown of all the ways we're working with our parking partners to make sure everything is Covid-secure.

We'll always take good care of your car if you leave it with us or one of our carefully selected airport parking partners. But we also understand that keeping you and your car safe right now means a lot of additional precautions against Covid-19. Here are some of the additional safety precautions that have been put in place – all without increasing the cost of parking or introducing any unnecessary hassles to your trip – at our biggest providers. We want to make sure every single provider we use has Covid-secure plans keep you safe without creating extras costs or difficulties.

Case study 1: Airparks

Airparks operates two of our biggest park and ride facilities, at Luton airport and Birmingham airport. With shuttle buses normally running regularly between their secure car parks and the terminals, Airparks is a great example of the work our airport parking partners are doing to make sure our customers and their cars are safe.

  • Shuttle buses are deep-cleaned with antibacterial agents every night and drivers clean the buses every two hours while in use using portable antiseptic misting units.
  • All sites converted to 'self park' to minimise contact between team and customers, but retaining speed and efficiency of service.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is available in all public areas.
  • High-contact public areas of the car parks are cleaned every two hours.
  • Government hygiene protocols are advertised prominently on posters around the car parks.
  • Refresher training has been issued to all team members on government hygiene protocols and advice on how to stop the spread of the virus.

Case study 2: Maple Parking

Maple Parking is our biggest meet and greet partner, offering VIP parking services at all of the major UK airports. They've got a careful and meticulous plan for keeping their car parks and your car safe, without increasing costs or adding any unnecessary hassles to the experience.

  • All staff have PPE (mask and gloves)
  • Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes in use
  • Perspex screens at the arrivals desks
  • Social distancing measures for queueing customers
  • Antibacterial wipes/spray available for customer to use
  • Antibacterial spray for keys
  • Regular cleansing and disinfecting of car park surfaces and staff offices

Additional measures are planned or under consideration for the future:

  • Regular antibody testing will be brought in for all staff when tests become more widely available
  • Looking into the feasibility and effectiveness of resealable bags to avoid handlings keys at all
  • Looking into the feasibility and effectiveness of disposable seat covers

Case study 3: Flying Scot and Low Cost Parking

Flying Scot and Low Cost Parking operate out of Scotland and serve Glasgow and Edinburgh airports. They are two of our most popular Scottish parking services and have introduced an innovative one-family-at-a-time shuttle service from their car parks, available on request.

  • Smaller (eight-seater) private shuttle buses to transport a single group available on request
  • Self-parking in allocated areas so customers can distance themselves from other cars on arrival
  • Social distancing measures in offices and on the shuttle buses, with perspex screens and distancing markers
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser available free of charge at all offices
  • Buses and offices cleaned throughout the day and cleaned overnight