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The Holiday Extras Deckchair Index

Updated 24th November: The government's latest announcement of a reduced quarantine time for travellers, even to countries without a travel corridor, re-opens up a lot more of the world. Come back, quarantine for five days, take the test and you can go back out - meaning winter sun breaks, ski season and Christmas markets are all back on from 15th December, if you're willing to take the test.

Of course, Covid precautions mean some countries simply aren't open to visitors, or open to visitors from the UK - so here we round up everywhere that you can go with or without a test. It adds up to a massive 62% of destinations - 16% on the travel corridors, plus 42% of destinations that will let us in with a test and which, from next week, you'll only need to stay home for five days when you get back. (At time of writing the new quarantine policy is only confirmed for England, but we excpect the devolved nations to announce similar measures in due course - news as it breaks.)

Hassle-free destinations - 16% of countries


Here's the main countries that, once lockdown ends, we can travel to hassle-free because they're open to UK visitors and on the FCDO travel corridor list. 16% of the places we fly every year (by trips in 2019) fall into this category, so once lockdown ends that's plenty of places to escape to.

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We've taken a more detailed look at the 16% of destinations that are open at both ends.

Where can you travel after lockdown?

Open, but quarantine when you get home - 46% of countries

These destinations never closed

Much of the world is already open to UK visitors, if you're able to quaratine when you come back. So if you're happy to take a test and stay home for five days when you get back (or skip the test and accept a 14-day quarantine), here's everywhere that'll let you in. (Again, at time of writing this applies to England only from 15th December - news for the devolved nations once we have it confirmed.)

The science behind the 'Deckchair Index'


Update: 20th November Every day we review what's being said by tourism ministers and the travel industry in all of our major markets - we're not just reading the UK travel news but running news search algorithms over newspapers from all over the world, especially in places like Spain, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy where we all like to go on holiday. We combine that with the Office of National Statistics' data on where we flew in 2018 (the last full year for which there's data), taking the percentage of trips that went to a country as the index number. That's how we get an index of 62% - that's the 16% of hassle-free destination that will let us in without a quarantine at either end, plus another 452% of destinations that are open but would require a quarantine on the way back.

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