Get the deckchairs out!

Restrictions are lifting. Holidays are back. 😎

The Holiday Extras Deckchair Index

Updated 26th July: Even with Spain going back on the UK government list advising against non-essential travel, 47% of our favourite holiday destinations are still open for the summer.

We've created a rolling monthly tracker of which countries have already announced when they'll be putting the deckchairs out for British holidaymakers, so we can all see at a glance how the prospects of a proper summer holiday are getting better. How did we get to 47%? Find out how it works.

For a complete list of restrictions and rules for every destination, see our comprehensive travel corridor guide.

Hassle-free destinations


Here's the main countries that, from 4th July, we can fly to completely hassle-free. That's countries that will let us in without requiring us to quarantine before we can go on holiday; that we won't have to quarantine at home once we come back from; and which have flights running from UK airports so we can actually get there!

Open with restrictions

These destinations never closed

Much of the world is already open to UK visitors, even if you have to quaratine when you come back. So if - like 42% of UK holidaymakers - you don't mind another couple of weeks indoors when you come back, here's some more options for your next trip.

Where can you fly soon?

Every month we've been asking UK holidaymakers when they expect to get on a plane again and where they want to go. In June, more than 50% of travellers said that they expect to fly again before the end of 2020, and every month 10%-15% keep telling us they'll be on the first plane the government says is safe!

Holiday Extras Deckchair Index

The science behind the 'Deckchair Index'


Update: 26th July Every day we review what's being said by tourism ministers and the travel industry in all of our major markets - we're not just reading the UK travel news but running news search algorithms over newspapers from all over the world, especially in places like Spain, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy where we all like to go on holiday. We combine that with the Office of National Statistics' data on where we flew in 2018 (the last full year for which there's data), taking the percentage of trips that went to a country as the index number. That's how we get an index of 47% - that's all the places we can currently visit without quarantining at either end of the trip.

More information


Open Quarantine for 14 days Flights scheduled

On 7th August the UK government removed Belgium from the quarantime-exemption list after a surge in local cases.

Croatia - Open now

Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Croatia prides itself on one of the mildest covid outbreaks in Europe if not the world, and is open to European visitors - including the UK - right now.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Cyprus is now open to UK visitors who have completed a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival as well as a Cyprus Flight Pass


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Arrivals coming from countries that have imposed quarantine measures are required to self-isolate for fourteen days on arrival in France, but with France on the UK's non-quarantine list from 10th July we're free to visit once more. Shops, restaurants, bars, museums, beaches and parks are permitted to re-open. Cross-channel ferries opperated by P&O and DFDS are running a reduced service. Eurostar is running a limited service between Paris and London and for vehicle crossings, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is operating a reduced service.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Borders re-opened on 15th June.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

From 15th July: Greece re-opened to British tourists from 15th July.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Iceland never really closed, permitting visitors all the way through the global lockdown so long as they took a test and self-isolated for 14 days on arrival. The government of Iceland eased these restrictions on 15th June so now visitors may take a test and, if negative, carry on to travel around Iceland.


Quarantine for UK mainland arrivals No quarantine Flights scheduled

Flights and ferry services continue to operate between Ireland and the UK for essential journies. Currently, all arrivals are subject to a fourteen day self-isolation. UK holidaymakers will be exempt from self-isolation on return home but dates have not been confirmed.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Borders are open to all international tourists! There are no self-isolation measures for arrivals from the UK. Parks are open. Bars and restaurants can sell takeaway food, non-essential shops and museums are open.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Malta re-opened to UK tourists on 15th July.


Open No quarantine Flights scheduled

Borders opened to holidaymakers on 13th June, and arrivals from the UK are no longer required to self-isolate. Travel to cities, national parks and beaches is now permitted. Hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, museums and galleries are open.

Portugal - Open but with restrictions

Open 2-week quarantine Flights scheduled

Portugal has been open to UK visitors since the middle of June, with some exceptions for Madeira and the Azores, and was the first country to propose an "air bridge" for tourists from the UK. Even though the air bridge plan was scrapped, British visitors to anywhere else in Portugal need only take a health screening and temperature check on arrival.