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1. Europe has re-opened for business

Italy, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus, Iceland and Poland are all open for hassle-free travel right now, and if you're setting off from England or Northern Ireland Greece and Portugal are on the list too. While Spain and France are temporarily off the quarantine-exemption list, plenty of Europe and the world is ready to welcome us back for a holiday.

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If you'd like our top tips for where to go for your first post-lockdown holiday, see our article below for a truly hassle-free trip.

Where to go for your first trip after lockdown

Wherever you're going next, whenever you're going next, we can help

Read our comprehensive guide to all the best holiday destinations welcoming Brits back this summer.

2. Tourist hotspots are much quieter than usual

Tourist hotspots all over the world are emptier than usual. If you've ever imagined having one of the wonders of the world to yourself, this is the time to go. And because there's fewer tourists around, you'll often get more enthusiastic and attentive service at restaurants and other attractions that are normally heaving but today are just grateful to get someone through the door with money to spend.

3. There's some great offers available...

Even with the recent surge in bookings, there's still some amazing deals available now on flights and hotels. Demand for flights and hotels is down all over the world, so prices are being slashed by airlines and hotels who want to get the business in. If you were thinking of taking a trip, you might be pleasantly surprised at the prices you can get on both flights and some very luxurious hotels.

4. ...including on holiday extras like airport parking

It's not just holidays that you can pick up for a bargain right now. Holiday Extras helps more UK travellers with airport parking, hotels and lounges every year than anyone else, and according to our analysis airport parking is 30% cheaper right now than it was this time last year.

Parking prices down 30 per cent

That's likely to go up again as people book their holidays and car parks fill up, so if you've got a trip planned we'd recommened - like always - booking your airport parking and any other extras you need as soon as you can.

Book your holiday extras early

It pays to book your airport parking, airport hotel or your lounge as soon as you book your flights. Prices usually go up nearer the date you fly, and last year Holiday Extras saved our airport parking customers £100 each on average when they pre-booked their airport parking instead of paying on the day.

Book my hotel and parking today

5. There's coronavirus there. There's coronavirus here

According to the World Health Organisation, there are seven countries in the world with more cases of coronavirus than the UK - meaning there are 184 with fewer. That means you'll likely have less exposure to the virus if you go away. It also means that as a responsible traveller you need to take serious precautions to avoid exporting the virus with you, so before you go anywhere make sure you've not been exposed to covid and check that the place you're going has adequate safeguards in place when people arrive.

6. This may be the last time we can roam Europe without paperwork

We left the EU on 31st January and then entered a transition period that kept travel to Europe exactly the same until the end of the year, so it's still as easy as ever to get to the continent and get around. Next year, unless we agree a much more comprehensive deal than currently looks likely, you'll need a bit more preparation and paperwork to cross European borders - so you might not want to waste this last chance to roam all over the continent completely visa-free.

7. Good travel insurance will cover you if things do go wrong

We always recommend you take a good, comprehensive travel insurance policy with you whenever you travel overseas. And at the moment, extra uncertainty in the travel market makes travel insurance more important than ever. Get your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip so you're covered if your plans change, so you can book with confidence that your trip's protected if anything goes wrong.

"Get your travel insurance now if you've booked your holiday". Martin Lewis

If you've booked a holiday and you think your plans might change, we recommend you book your travel insurance as soon as possible.

If you think your travel plans might change, you can lock in today's price for an airport hotel with free cancellation, or airport parking with free cancellation.

8. Airlines, hotels and Holiday Extras are all being extra-flexible

There's lots of flexibility available to travellers right now. Airlines recognise that plans might need to change so they're offering generous amendment and cancellation terms, which means you could bag a bargain holiday now, even if you're not sure how things will look next week or next month. And we're doing the same for all your holiday extras - our free cancellation offer means you can book your airport parking, airport hotel or lounge now, lock in your price, and still have the option of changing your mind later if your plans need to change.

(Of course, some people are also still travelling through necessity rather than choice - maybe because of business commitments, or family, or for other reasons. If you (or someone you know) is travelling even though you'd really rather not, we have every sympathy and we hope you have a safe trip.)

9. You might like the people you meet travelling more than ever!

The people who are still out there travelling the world right now might well be the sort of people you'll enjoy bumping into while you're out there too. People getting on planes at the moment for a holiday are younger than before the crisis. They're likely to be adventurous, thrifty, pragmatic - people who've had a serious think about the risks of taking a trip, and the risks of staying home, and come up with the answer that they might as well get out there and see the world while everything's cheap and quiet. If that sounds like you too - you're probably going to have a great time when you meet up out on the road.

10. We're auditing all of our car parks, hotels and other holiday extras to make sure they're covid-secure

Of course all of our providers are taking extra precautions to make sure they're cpvid-secure. That's a given. What we're doing is checking every car park, every hotel, every transfer service and every lounge we sell, finding out specifically what they've done to keep you safe when you go there, and publish the details on our site. So when you see the covid-secure badge against one of our products, you know we've checked their plans for cleaning, masks, social distancing and other measures and you can read all about them right here on our site.

Keeping airport hotels safe

Click below to see hundreds of airport hotels, car parks, lounges, transfers and more where we've checked out their covid-secure plans.

Book your holiday extras early

It pays to book your airport parking, airport hotel or your lounge as soon as you book your flights. Prices usually go up nearer the date you fly, and last year Holiday Extras saved our airport parking customers £100 each on average when they pre-booked their airport parking instead of paying on the day.

Book my hotel and parking today

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