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Our CEO on why you should choose a tech career with Holiday Extras

Remaking Holidaymaking

At Holiday Extras, we believe travel needs a shake-up. The experience needs to match the dream - one that is free from hassle and protects people's precious holiday time.

By choosing an engineering career with us, you'll play a key role in solving some of the most exciting and challenging problems the industry has right now. The biggest one is how we remove the unnecessary hassle from travelling so our customers can make the most of their holidays - in fact, the whole reason why we exist.

We believe all the answers lie in creating pioneering tech for our customers, so we can achieve our mission to 'Remake Holiday Making'. Which is why we invest heavily in our team and tech stack to make this happen.

Meet Simon, our Associate Director of Technology

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We're recruiting for more than 50 roles right now, including Software Engineers, Designers and Contact Centre Agents

Our tech stack

By using and developing pioneering technologies, we believe in providing value to our customers as fast as possible, deploying several hundreds times a day.

Our architecture consists of APIs structured as microservices hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

  • React / React Router / Redux / Reselect
  • Webpack / Parcel to bundle code
  • Babel to support modern JavaScript in old browsers
  • Selenium for end-to-end testing
  • ESLint / Prettier for code formatting
  • Mocha / Jest / Enzyme for unit testing
  • Less / SASS / Bootstrap / Atomic design / BEM
  • NodeJS on the backend with Express
  • GraphQL and REST for APIs
  • Microservices hosted in Google Cloud using Kubernetes
  • MySQL for operational Database and GBQ for Data Lake
  • Python and Airflow for data processing

Find out more about our tech stack here.

What we're deploying right now...

Our thinking always starts with the customer and their holiday travel experience, from dreaming about going on holiday to coming back home.

Which is why we've developed HEHA!, our super smart intelligence engine, which powers the customer experience. Making sure all of our customer needs are met, we have a dedicated customer experience and contact centre team, available at a click of a button to help our customers have the best holiday experience that life has to offer.

More than a team

You'll be supported by a community of passionate people who continually develop both themselves and each other so that everyone can reach their full potential.

Personal development is super important to us, so we have launched an exciting progression framework for our engineers that offers clarity on the expectations at each level. Custom built and just for them, it recognises that everyone works and and develops in different ways - enabling engineers to tailor it to themselves and what is best for them.

Remote working has been hardwired into our way of life for a long time, but we also have some amazing hubs you can access in Kent (near some fab beaches!), Birmingham and Maidenhead.

Our tech roles

Recruiting now!

Other roles include...

  • Data Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Testers
  • Delivery Managers
  • People Leads

How we hire

After applying with us, you'll enter our hiring process where you'll be invited to a short telephone interview. If you go through to the next round, the 2nd stage is likely to be task related and/or an in-depth interview, depending on the role.

As with our work, we move fast and make it clear of what's expected at each stage - supporting you all the way.


You will be asked to complete this tech assessment. We'll get back to you within 7 days with feedback and hopefully invite you to a pair programming session and interview where you can meet some of the team (with offices opening you're welcome to do this at our Kent campus).

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Join us and help us remake holidaymaking.