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Our CEO on why you should choose a tech career with Holiday Extras

Remaking Holidaymaking

Holiday Extras is for those who dare to do things differently.

For those who aren't bound by convention or the status quo.

Who relentlessly craft innovative technical solutions to eliminate hassle so we can Remake Holiday Making.

By joining us, you're going to use your extraordinary engineering talents to optimise the way people travel.

For every piece of code you write, every project you're involved in, you're going to be directly maximising the time and fun that people have on holiday - the most precious time of all.

An engineering career at Holiday Extras means you'll:

  • Learn and share knowledge with our extraordinary community of experienced engineers and technical experts - all dedicated to engineering excellence.
  • Iterate and develop solutions, combining the best Agile practices with a common-sense approach so you can maximise deployment and delivery.
  • Use and exploit cutting-edge technologies to help solve a range of complex problems for our customers.
  • Work in small, flexible teams so you can move fast and achieve tangible results.
  • Have dedicated personal learning time, hackathons and internal conference days to try new technologies, solve real problems and share & learn with your team.
  • Be at the helm of your progression - championed by a dedicated Developer Lead to help get you there.

Meet some of our Tech Team

Our tech stack

By using and developing pioneering technologies, we believe in providing value to our customers as fast as possible, deploying several hundreds times a day.

Our architecture consists of APIs structured as microservices hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

  • React / React Router / Redux / Reselect
  • Webpack / Parcel to bundle code
  • Babel to support modern JavaScript in old browsers
  • Selenium for end-to-end testing
  • ESLint / Prettier for code formatting
  • Mocha / Jest / Enzyme for unit testing
  • Less / SASS / Bootstrap / Atomic design / BEM
  • NodeJS on the backend with Express
  • GraphQL and REST for APIs
  • Microservices hosted in Google Cloud using Kubernetes
  • MySQL for operational Database and GBQ for Data Lake
  • Python and Airflow for data processing

Find out more about our tech stack here.

What we're deploying right now...

Our thinking always starts with the customer and their holiday travel experience, from dreaming about going on holiday to coming back home.

We're remaking holiday making by:
  • Developing HEHA! (the Holiday Extras, Holiday Assistant) - our super smart intelligence engine, which powers the customer experience and recommends the best, personal product recommendations to our customers.
  • Building great customer platforms that match customers to the most appropriate products, at the right time, using AI-driven data models to inform every interaction and recommendation.
  • Stitching mediums and platforms together seamlessly to create effortless customer experiences – from trip creation, through to product discovery, booking, trip management, travel and return.

How we work

We use Agile methodologies to iterate and develop solutions in small increments, combining its best principles with a common sense approach to create the most effective and fast ways of working. The majority of our teams work in 2 week sprints concluding with a demo to senior stakeholders.

Remote working has been hardwired into our way of life for a long time, with some of the team being fully-remote. No matter where you work, we make sure that we adopt a 'remote-first' approach so everyone feels included.

For those who prefer to work in the office, our modern campuses in Kent and Birmingham have been designed with our team in mind, with spaces for collaboration, learning and quiet working - recognising everyone has different needs at different times.

More than a team

You'll be supported by a community of technical experts, all committed to growth and continual improvement. As each person has their own unique journey, we place value in reciprocal learning - meaning you can learn a lot from our team, and we can learn a lot from you too.

So you can impact at pace, we like to keep our delivery teams small (between 6-8), focused according to different product areas such as our Mobile Apps, UI, Customer Platform and Data.

We all come together to solve the big technical challenges we have, collaborating regularly as we find this is the best way to learn what each other is working on and how we might be able to work together to create solutions. We also encourage healthy debates on how best to approach our problems and everyone at every level is encouraged to share their opinions.

We value diversity of thought and know that everyone has something unique to offer the team.

Let your career take flight

We support and encourage each other to learn new technologies, taking time out to research the next new thing and share with the team. This includes having the opportunity to take part in hackathons and internal conference days to try new technologies, solve real problems and share & learn with your peers.

So you can shape and accelerate your career, our progression framework, built specifically for engineers, offers clarity on the expectations at each level. Custom built and just for you, it recognises that everyone works and and develops in different ways - enabling you to tailor it to yourself and what is best for you.

To help you reach your career and engineering aspirations, you'll be supported by a dedicated Developer Lead who will coach and support you along the way.

Our tech roles

Recruiting now!

Other roles include...

  • Software Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Senior Data Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Helpdesk Engineers
  • Testers
  • Developer Leads
  • Delivery Managers
  • People Leads

How we hire

We know your time is precious, so we move fast and make it clear of what's expected at each stage - supporting you all the way.


  • You will have a call with our Tech Recruiter and be asked to complete a tech assessment via Codility.
  • We'll get back to you within 5 days with feedback and hopefully invite you to a pair programming session where you can meet some of the team.*
  • This is then followed with a hybrid technical and values-led interview.*

*With our offices open you're welcome to do this at our Kent campus.

All other roles

  • After applying with us, you'll enter our hiring process where you'll be invited to a short telephone interview.
  • If you go through to the next round, the 2nd stage is likely to be task related and/or an in-depth interview, depending on the role.

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture is paramount for our business. As part of this, we have designed our interview process so you can be comfortable to confidently convey your strengths and who you are. Recognising we are all different, if for whatever reason, you need us to adapt the process, please get in touch via [email protected].

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Join us and help us remake holidaymaking.