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Olaf on parade

27 tips for your Disneyland Paris break

Want to make the most of your Disneyland Paris break? So do we. That's why we've asked our team for the handiest tips and hacks they use to make their trips to Disneyland Paris as magical as possible.

At the park

Food and drink

Getting around

Everything else

At the park

1. Is it your birthday?

Head to City Hall and you'll get a special birthday badge!

2. Avoid the crowds when meeting characters

Characters often come out for meet and greets in the reception areas of Disney hotels – the crowds are smaller there.

3. Keep an eye out for the hidden Mickeys

These are dotted all around the park – see how many you can spot.

4. When are queue times the shortest?

If you don't want to spend ages in the queue for your favourite rides, time your visit during shows or around dinner time and the queues will be shorter.

5. Use the single rider lines

This is a much quicker way of getting on the rides, but you'll have to ride on your own.

6. Don't carry your bags around all day

If you have bags and bags of shopping you can have it sent to one of the hotels – just pick it up later!

7. Visit all the shops

Each one has something different and it's a delight just to look around. There's even a year-round Christmas shop in the castle.

8. Keep an ear out on Main Street

There are many sounds to listen out for on Main Street – if you see a sign that says 'Piano Lessons' be sure to listen carefully.

9. Visit the dragon

If you head to the dungeon beneath Sleeping Beauty Castle you'll find a huge dragon.

10. Need a trim?

The barbershop on Main Street is functional and you can actually get your hair cut there!

11. Save money with a photo pass

Photo passes are great value as they allow you to pay a one-off amount for all your ride and character photos instead of paying them all individually, which will probably end up costing you a lot more.

12. Get to the parade early

If you want the best view of the parade, make sure to get there early for the best spot. It gets very busy very fast.

13. Meet and greet in the castle

There's an area to the left in the castle as you enter which leads to a balcony where characters come out for meet and greets. Keep an eye out for them to avoid waiting in a queue.

La Tanie du Dragon

Food and drink

14. Book a meal plan

If you want to eat in the park a meal plan may be what you need. You can book where you want to eat before you arrive so you don't need to worry about finding a table.

15. Take an empty bottle

There are plenty of water fountains dotted around the park so fill up your bottle and save yourself some money.

16. Snacks make the queues shorter

Ok, they don't really. But having snacks prepared for when you have to wait in line can make it seem like the queue is shorter.

17. Don't eat at peak times

If you can avoid the lunch and dinner rush you'll have a better choice of where to eat and probably have a better experience too.

18. Dinner and a show

Book dinner at the Plaza Gardens restaurant for a magical view of the parade as you eat.

19. Eat at the hotels

You can dine at the hotels as well as the restaurants, even if you're not staying there. Newport Bay Club and Hotel New York both have good-value buffet restaurants with plenty of choice.

Restaurant en Coulisse

Getting around

20. Wear comfy shoes!

You'll probably be walking a lot so make sure your footwear can take it.

21. Use the shortcuts

There are shortcuts between the different areas of the park, some undercover. If it's raining or really busy these are a great way to get around the park quickly.

22. Main Street walkways

On either side of Main Street there are covered walkways which are ideal for exiting the park quickly after the parade and fireworks.

23. Don't forget the train

Marne-la-Vallée Chessy railway station is a few minutes' walk from the park and provides easy access to the Val d'Europe shopping centre as well as Paris.

Parade on Main Street

Everything else

24. Christmas on Main Street

Whatever the weather, it will always be snowing on Main Street if you visit at Christmas.

25. Hire a pushchair

You can hire one if you don't want to bring yours with you.

26. Download the app

The Disneyland Paris app tells you the latest queue times and allows you to book restaurants and passes while you're at the park.

27. Take a power bank

You'll probably be taking lots of photos and videos on your phone so have a portable power bank with you in case you need to top up your battery.