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Introducing HEHA! - Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant

Remaking your holidaymaking

Every time you start to plan a trip, just tell HEHA! your trip details. Who's travelling? When? Where to? HEHA! does the rest for you, serving up personalised recommendations of all the holiday extras you need to enjoy a hassle-free trip. Give HEHA! a few details about your holiday and it will automagically recommend everything you need to make the most of you trip.

Introducing HEHA!

Remaking your holidaymaking - our new holiday assistant

Today, Holiday Extras has launched HEHA!, which will be available as part of the Holiday Extras app in the app store.

HEHA! is the easiest, fastest way to save time and money organising your trip. From just one search HEHA! will find you the best airport parking, airport hotels, airport lounges, airport transfers and airport fastrack for your trip, and we'll soon be adding car hire, travel insurance, travel money and taxi to the airport too.

HEHA! comes from Holiday Extras, so you get the peace of mind of knowing we've spent years finding the very best holiday extras at every airport - and now we're bringing them together in one app.