www.holidayextras.de now allows you to pre-book your airport parking and airport hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Holland. The web site is abcholidayplus' biggest online partner facilitating some two thousand bookings a month, not a huge number when you consider Holiday Extras make up to seven thousand bookings every day. The only draw back is you have to speak German but we understand they will be translating the site into French, Dutch and English later this year. A good alternative for the time being would be the google translator, there’s a link at the bottom of this article.

www.hotels-und-parken-am-flughafen.de claim to save you up to 54% on airport parking just by pre-booking. The site takes visa, mastercard and Lastschrift, a German form of direct debit. Bookings are instantly confirmed with the hotels and car parks. Customer confirmation is via a plain text email.

Whether you need to make a booking or are just looking for information check out the site next time you are travelling in Europe. Tip the German for Airport Hotels is flughafen hotels and flughafen parken for airport parking

For booking your airport hotels or airport parking - top destinations include Frankfurt Flughafen, Düsseldorf Flughafen, Leipzig Flughafen, München Flughafen, Schönefeld Flughafen, Berlin-Tegel Flughafen and Salzburg Flughafen

www.holidayextras.de for more information on the wholesaler, they’ll tell you more about Urlaub mit Vorspeil/holidays with foreplay and how you can become a partner if you are interested.