Manchester Britannia Country House Directions

Palatine Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2WG

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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
4 miles
from the airport
80 1187 8/10
customer rating

Getting there

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Longitude -2.24920
Latitude    53.41590

Britannia Country House Address

Britannia Country House,
Palatine Road,
M20 2WG


From the M56: Follow the signs for the city centre (A5103).Take the B5166 exit, just after junction 3A.At the traffic lights turn right into Palatine Rd and the hotel is 1 mile on the left. From the M60: Approaching clockwise (Ring road East) take the A5103 (junction 5). Turn right at the first set of traffic lights (the A5145).Turn right again at the next traffic lights into Palatine Road. The Hotel is half a mile on the right hand side. Anticlockwise (Ring rd West)on the junction 5 exit road, stay in the left hand lane and follow the B5166. At the traffic lights turn left into Palatine Road. The Hotel is 1 mile on the left hand side.
For customers arriving via public transport:
The hotel runs a taxi from the hotel to the airport on demand. It takes 20 minutes and costs £7 per adult and £3.50 per child for a single or return.
* Prices quoted are for stays on the 09-04-2023, valid as of 03-02-2023