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How much does it cost and where to go when dropping off at UK airports?

Some airports still offer free parking for a short period to drop-off or collect passengers but most have pricing tariffs for different durations so it is worth checking this in advance!

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Over the last few years most major UK airports have introduced fees for dropping off passengers at terminal forecourts or have provided alternative places to park for just a few minutes. Take a look below at the table where we have collated all the pricing and where these drop off areas are. They are usually only a short walk from the terminal doors in a dedicated area within a nearby car park. They are all well sign-posted as you approach the airport terminal but it's nice to know in advance.

You can also investigate more details for some of these airports by clicking through to our dedicated pages via the 'Read more' links in the table below.

Airports Drop-Off Charges

Express Drop-off:
£5 up to 15 mins.
Electric vehicles first 15 mins free (must pre-register).
Long stay: FREE for up to 30 mins.

Belfast City

Express Drop-off (Long Stay car park):
10 mins: free
10-30 min: £3
60 mins: £6

Belfast International

Drop off/Pick up Zone:
0 - 10 minutes £3
10 - 20 minutes £5
20 - 60 minutes £10
1 hr - 24 hrs £50


Drop-off car park:
20 mins: free
Premium Set Down:
£4 for 15 mins.


Premium Car Park 1:
£5 for 30 mins


Drop & Go Car Park:
10 mins: £5
10-20 mins: £7
40-60 mins: £20


Drop off Area:
5 mins: free
Every 5 mins after: £3
Long Stay:
20 mins: free

East Midlands International

Rapid drop off:
15 mins: £5
Short stay:
30 mins: £6
Long stay:
1 hour: free

Read more


Drop-off Zone:
Up to 10 mins: £5

Exeter International

Car Park 1:
30 mins: £5


Terminal Drop-off zones:
10 mins: £5
£1 for each additional minute up to 20 minutes

Read more

Glasgow International

Drop-off & Pick-up areas (Car Park 2):
Up to 15 mins: £5

Read more

Glasgow Prestwick

Drop-off & Pick-up areas (Car Park 1):
1 hour: £3.50


Drop-off areas:
10 mins: £5
Long Stay:
Free up to 29 mins

Read more


Drop-off zone (car park1):
15 mins: free


Drop-off/pick-up area:
15 mins: free

Leeds Bradford

Drop-off/pick-up car park:
1 hour: free


Express Drop off/Pick up:
Up to 10 mins: £5
Up to 20 mins: £10
Up to 1 hour: £25
Drop-off 2: 40 mins: free.

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London City

Orange Zone car park:
0-10 mins: £3.80
10-20 mins: £8.50
20-30 mins: £13.00
30 mins-1 hour: £16.00


Mid stay car park:
Up to 15 mins: Free
Long stay: Up to 1 hour: Free

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Drop off area:
free (bus transfer to terminal)
Outside terminal:
£5 for 5 mins

Read more


Short Stay (Drop-off lane on left)
Up to 30 mins: £5

Read more


Short Stay (Express Drop-off)
20 mins: £6


Short Stay:
up to 10 mins: £5
10–30 mins: £8.50
30–45 mins: £12
45–60 mins: £15
Long Stay 3:
up to 15 mins: Free


Express Set Down:
Up to 15 mins: £7.00
Over 15 mins: £25.00
Mid Stay:
Up to 60 mins: Free
Next hour: £5

Read more


Car park (opposite terminal):
0-15 mins: £2.50
15 to 60 mins: £5.00
Or free up to 2 hours if you spend at least £2.50 in the landside Café or shops.

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Airport Drop Off Charges FAQs

Can I Drop Off for Free at the airport?

You can drop off passengers for free at some UK airports like Stansted, Manchester, Liverpool, Luton and Heathrow, although at most locations this then requires a short transfer bus journey to the terminal (this is always free). Very few airports currently offer free drop-off directly at the terminal doors.

Can I Drop Off at the Terminal?

You can drop off either at the terminal or in a terminal car park where it is just a short walk to check-in. You will need to check where the drop-off area is for the airport you are travelling to.

Do you pay at the entrance?

At some airports, you will need to pay to gain entrance. At others you will pay at the exit barrier. At some, like Gatwick, you can pay online after you have visited much like you would for using the Dartford crossing. You can check how it works at your airport in advance.

Is it better to book in advance?

It is not cheaper to book your drop-off parking in advance. You can do this at some airports but there is no saving to be had unlike booking airport parking for a longer stay which can save you up to 78% vs the gate-rate price.

Is the pick-up point the same as drop-off?

Usually it is, yes, but not always. So we recommend you check the particular details for your airport in advance to save any confusion on the day.

*Correct at time of writing and subject to change.