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Liverpool Airport Drop Off

If you're dropping off your friends or family at Liverpool Airport, have a look at this handy guide to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. Find out where you can drop off, as well as the price you can expect to pay, depending on how long you park for and where you go. Set out prepared and ready to drop off at Liverpool Airport like a pro.

Express Drop Off at Liverpool Airport

Perfect for passengers who want a flying visit to Liverpool Airport. If you don't expect to stay on airport grounds for longer than 20 minutes, this is the most cost-effective solution to drop off at Liverpool Airport. If you wish to stay longer than 20 minutes, however, it works out cheaper to book a full day parking with us. Read on to find out the express drop off prices.

Duration Price*
Up to 20 minutes £3
Up to 1 hour £10
Up to 2 hours £20
Up to 24 hours £50

You can pay on your exit with either cash or card without needing to leave your car.

Liverpool Airport Drop Off 2

You can also use drop off 2 at Liverpool Airport, which includes a free 40 minutes to make sure your have time to say a proper good-bye. Your passengers simply need to make the short walk the rest of the way to the terminal. You can also park-up and head in with them if you choose, as the free 40 minutes means you have ample time to walk there and back before you need to pay. If you think you might park for longer than 40 minutes, then it is cheaper to book a full day's parking with us instead.

Duration Price*
Up to 40 minutes No charge
Up to 1 hour £8
Up to 2 hours £10
Up to 24 hours £50

As you can see, the price begins to add up quickly if you go over your free 40 minutes. For a more cost-effective solution to parking for longer periods of time, read on for more about the parking charges we offer at Liverpool Airport.

Liverpool Airport Parking Charges

If you want to head on in to the terminal to give your friends or family a longer send-off, or you're simply worried about paying through the nose for on-the-day gate prices if you go over your time, booking a day's parking with Holiday Extras is simple, straightforward, and great value too. Enjoy peace of mind that you're not paying more than you need to, and that a space will be available for you when you arrive. Don't worry, if you book a whole day's parking, you don't have to use the full day. Simply leave as soon as you're ready. Have a look below at our top 3 cheapest car parks at Liverpool Airport.

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Cheapest Liverpool Airport Parking

Car Park Price per Day* Distance from Airport
Imagine Outdoor Parking £5.25 4 minute walk or 90 second transfer
Imagine Indoor Parking £5.25 Quick transfer or 4 minute walk
Cheap Parking £6.12 3-6 minute walk

Booking a day's parking with Holiday Extras works out cheaper than any drop off service if you're planning to stay longer than 40 minutes. Find out more about how to book with us below.

How to Book

Booking Liverpool Airport parking with Holiday Extras is safe, straightforward and secure. To book, either head to the top of the page and enter your information into the search engine, or follow the link to your chosen car park and book from there. Once you hit 'search' you'll be shown live prices and availability for the dates you have chosen. Simply select what you want, check-out and pay. All that's left to do is kick-back and relax - your Liverpool Airport drop off is sorted.

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Liverpool Airport Drop Off FAQs

Where Can I Drop Off at Liverpool Airport?

You have two options for pay-on-the-day drop off facilities at Liverpool Airport. Choose between Express Drop Off, which is close to the terminal and starts from £3 for twenty minutes, or Drop Off 2, where you get your first forty minutes free, with a charge of £8 for another twenty minutes on top.

Is There Anywhere I Can Drop Off for Free?

Yes, the first forty minutes at Drop Off 2 are free, so you can say a proper goodbye to your passengers.

Is it Cheaper to Pre-Book my Parking Space at Liverpool Airport?

It can work out cheaper to pre-book your space in advance, as well as providing you with the peace of mind that you don't have to rush, and won't be subjected to any surprise charges. With an hour's stay at Drop Off 2 costing £8, and £10 at Express drop off, make sure you check out our full day's parking rates before you make a decision, starting from £5.25.

How Do I Pick Up from Liverpool Airport?

If you're looking to pick up loved ones from the Liverpool terminal instead, head over to our pick up page for all the information you need.

*Correct at time of writing and subject to change