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Drop off your loved ones like a pro with this handy Guide for Drop Off at Manchester Airport

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Do you want to drop off or pick up loved ones at Manchester Airport? Well, we have great news - all three terminals have fantastic facilities to make this process as easy as possible. Read on to find out more about Manchester Airport drop off for all terminals, or head over to our dedicated page if you want to pick up passengers instead. We also have a Turn Up and Park page with more handy information and prices.

How do I drop someone off at Manchester Airport?

If you want to drop off your passengers as close to departures as possible, Terminal 1, 2 & 3 all operate drop off areas directly outside the terminal building, as well as directly outside the train station. Your passengers can grab their luggage and be inside within moments! Have a look below for the charges in operation for this drop off area.

Drop Off Area Charges all Manchester Airport Terminals & Train Station

Time Price*
Up to 5 minutes £5.00
Up to 10 minutes £6.00

An important thing to remember about using the drop off facilities at Manchester Airport, including directly outside Terminal 1, Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, is that a 'no-return' policy is in effect. This means that you cannot stay longer than ten minutes, and you cannot re-enter the drop off area for at least 30 minutes, otherwise you will be subject to a £25 re-circulation fee. If you do want to return within this thirty minutes, we advise that you pre-book your space instead.

Manchester Airport Free Drop Off

Also available at Manchester Airport is a free drop off zone. Your passengers will need to catch the free shuttle bus to their terminal. Please note, the 'no return' and maximum wait restrictions also apply to the free drop off area.

Manchester Airport Multi Storey

If you want to head inside the airport with your passengers for a longer good-bye, you should park up in the multi storey. There is a dedicated multi storey for each terminal, benefitting from undercover parking and exit & entry barriers. You can pay on the day for this car park, but we recommend you pre-book your space in advance if you think you are going to be longer than a couple of hours. Have a look at the bottom of the page for details about multi storey charges and pre-booking.

Manchester Airport Drop Off Summary

Manchester Airport Terminal 1 Drop Off

  • Drop off area outside terminal 1
  • Free drop off zone
  • T1 multi storey

Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Drop Off

  • Free drop off zone.
  • Drop off area outside terminal 2.
  • T2 multi storey

Manchester Airport Terminal 3 Drop Off

  • T3 multi storey
  • Terminal 3 drop off area
  • Free drop off zone

Why Pre-Book my Parking Space?

manchester airport parking drop off and pick up terminal 1, 2, 3, no booking fee badge

If you want to stay longer than the ten minute drop off time limit, you'll need to use the multi storey. While you can pay on the day for parking at the multi storey, if you are going to have a longer goodbye and think you may be there for four hours or longer, it works out cheaper to book a full day's parking in advance with us.

If you pay on the day, a stay up to four hours costs £18.00 (not applicable for T3 arrivals). It then costs £40.00 for up to 24 hours. Have a look below for an example of our advanced booking prices.

Manchester Airport Multi Storey Advanced Charges

Car Park
Full Day's Parking Booked in Advance*
Multi Storey T2 West
Multi Storey T2 East
Mid Stay T1 & T3
Multi Storey T3
Multi Storey T1

You can pre-book by using the search engine at the top of this page, or browse our full range of parking on our main Manchester Airport parking page.

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Manchester Airport Drop Off FAQs

Can I drop off at Manchester Airport without paying?

Yes, there is a free drop off area available at Manchester Airport. This drop off zone is located close to the airport, but your passengers will need to catch a free shuttle transfer the rest of the way to the terminal. Transfers run regularly and take between 5-7 minutes, depending on the terminal you are travelling to. There are 'no return within 30 minutes' and 'maximum wait of ten minutes' restrictions in place.

Can I Drop off at the Terminals?

Yes, every terminal has its own drop off zones just outside the doors, which means your passengers won't have to walk far. This is charged at £5 for 5 minutes, and £6 for 10 minutes. There is also a 'no return within 30 minutes' and a 'maximum wait of ten minutes' restriction in effect.

What if I Want to go into the Terminal with my Passengers?

If you want to stay longer than ten minutes, or head inside to the terminal to give your loved ones a proper goodbye, then we recommend heading to the multi storey car parks. However, the charges can climb quickly the longer you stay, so it may work out cheaper to pre-book a full day's parking with us in advance.

Is it Better to Book my Space in Advance at Manchester Airport?

It can work out cheaper to pre-book your space with us if you plan to stay with your passengers for a while, if you'd like to go for a meal for example. A full day's parking with us starts from £7.87, so make sure you create a search before you go, so you can find the best price and option for you.

I Need to Pick Up Passengers from Manchester Airport - What do I do?

Need to pick up friends or family from Manchester Airport? Have a look at our dedicated pick up page for detailed information about charges, and where to go to collect your passengers for Manchester Airport terminal 1, 2 and 3.

Manchester Airport Drop Off Changes

All the information on this page about the drop off changes is current and up to date. The free drop-off car park is newly opened, and the charges for dropping off outside the terminal began in 2019. Previously, there was no charge for dropping off outside the terminal, and the free drop-off car park wasn't available for use. These changes have come into effect in order to ease the congestion suffered in and around airport grounds, encouraging those dropping off passengers to steer away from the terminal and head to the free drop-off area. With the information given to you on this page, you won't need to worry about any surprise changes to the drop-off process at Manchester Airport.

*All prices on this page are correct at time of writing and subject to change.