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Travel Advice

Travel Advice

The latest travel updates to help your next holiday be as hassle-free as possible!

Feeling those itchy travel feet? Booking your next holiday is an exciting time, whether you're planning a staycation in the UK or a trip abroad it's difficult to stop imagining the sun on your skin and a cool drink in your hand. We know it may sound like a bore but holiday planning is the best way of ensuring your holiday goes as smoothly as possible, without any unexpected hiccups along the way, so you can have the best experience possible.

From choosing your perfect destination to preparing your paperwork, at Holiday Extras we offer travel advice to help you tick all your boxes and enjoy hassle-free travel. There's nothing that puts a dampener on the holiday mood more than traffic so we've partnered with Waze app's which shows you real-time road conditions and help's find best routes to avoid traffic jams and unnecessary hazards before you set off.

Whether you drive a car or motorcycle, this free GPS navigation app is designed to get you from A to B as simply as possible. Whether you're driving to the airport or planning a UK short break, being stuck in traffic, or finding unexpected road closures or hazards along your journey can cause unnecessary hassle and stress, so let Waze navigate the maze so you don't have to!

Top 3 Tips for Hassle-Free Travel

  1. 1) Holiday Extras information hub: Plan your holiday with the Holiday Extras travel hub
  2. 2) Prepare for take-off: Discover our handy tips & guides before you jet off
  3. 3) Download the Waze app: Get to your destination on time by choosing the best route

Holiday Extras Information Hub

1) Holiday Extras Information Hub

Planning your next holiday?

Check out our hassle-free guide to everything you need to know for your next holiday, including:

  • The latest travel news
  • Travel destinations with the least restrictions
  • Debunking a few travel myths
  • Top travel destinations
  • Holiday Extras travel guides
Holiday Extras Prepare for Take Off

2) Prepare for take-off

Looking forward to boarding the plane?

Latest advice that'll help you get ready for your trip with our handy tips and guides! Find out:

  • How to prepare for your trip
  • Ways to beat the airport queues this summer
  • Current rules for travel inclu. mask rules
  • Guide to how travel has changed
  • Holiday inspiration & ideal locations
Waze App Icon

3) Download the Waze App

Driving to your destination or to the airport? Which Waze should you go?

Holiday Extras and Waze are outsmarting traffic together! Find out more about the Waze app below ...

What is Waze?

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that'll help you get from A to B with the least hassle. Whether you drive a car or motorbike this GPS navigation route planner app shows you real-time road conditions for your journey.

Once you download the Waze app, you'll also get alerts about traffic, police, hazards and speed cameras as well as find the nearest petrol stations, places to eat and hotels too.

Key Waze App Features:

  • See real-time road conditions
  • Receive traffic, police, accidents and hazard alerts
  • Avoid fines and drive safer with a speedometer and alerts
  • Avoid traffic & save time with instant routing changes
  • Get recommendations for cheapest petrol stations along your route
  • Learn toll charges on route including toll roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Receive updates on ETA based on live traffic data

The Waze Live Map

When thinking about your next holiday abroad or UK staycation, it's important to plan ahead which is what makes the Waze app so special. You can plan your drive to the airport, a hotel or simply your short break before you even leave the house.

In just a few clicks the Waze live map will help you find the best routes to your destination, that aim to avoid traffic or unexpected hazards along the way. Search for your destination of choice using the Live Waze Map below and view real-time traffic updates based on Waze's real-time map data.

Download the app on Android or iPhone

...then follow 3 simple steps:

  • Where to?
    Type the destination into your search bar

  • How to?
    Tap 'GO' for your ETA and directions

  • Start your drive!
    That's it - you're ready to journey with Waze's real-time traffic updates and route changes

Get started using the Waze app

Waze app screenshots - set up

Available on Android and iPhone devices, you can easily download the Waze app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you've downloaded the app, open it up on your phone or tablet and tap 'Get Started'. You can sign up with your Google account or an email address. You can tailor the app during the set-up, including specifying the type of vehicle you drive and selecting the type of fuel you use.

By helping to maximise your free-time Waze's extremely clever algorithm is designed to show you the most relevant results for your search and the more you tailor the app, the more relevant the results will be. Waze is powered by drivers working together to improve each other's driving experience.

As a community-based traffic and navigation app, you'll be able to contribute to this social navigation tool by sending reports. Whether you report a hazard, fuel costs or a road closure you'll become part of the bigger picture. Become a 'Wazer' or even a 'Waze Warrior' the more you times you drive using the app and contribute.

Plot a route using the Waze app

Waze app screenshots - map

Simply say or type your destination and the app will pick the best route for you to drive, avoiding traffic or hazards along the way. Set your route to avoid motorways, unpaved roads and even difficult junctions if you like.

Along with finding the ideal route Waze will also show drive-thrus, cafés and restaurants nearby if you get peckish on the journey. You'll be able to search for local shops and supermarkets or find hospitals, hotels and other places nearby too.

Plan a drive ahead of time

Waze app screenshots - planning a drive

Planning your next holiday? Okay, you've booked the tickets and packed your bags but have you ever considered planning your drive to the airport before? You may be thinking of a good time to leave or which motorway to take but wouldn't it be great to have an app that would make the drive simpler! With the Waze app you can plan your drive ahead of time and even receive suggestions for best time to leave to experience the least traffic on the roads.

Sync your Google Calendar or Facebook Calendar and get notifications about upcoming appointments. Limit the stresses of a busy morning before your next family holiday begins by letting the app take the strain of deciding on the best route to take. Once you set out, you'll also receive updates on ETA based on live traffic data so you won't miss that flight!

Personalise the Waze app

Waze app screenshots key features - including petrol stations & audio player

From choosing a unique voice for your journey (including Paw Patrol or a 90's Pop Star for the kids) with audio personalisation, selecting the type of fuel you use, or even the type of vehicle you drive, you can personalise the app. The Waze app also supports music and podcast app integration with numerous 3rd party apps including Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music enabling you to listen to your preferred tunes as you drive.

Being a community-led app, you can contribute to other drivers' experiences as well as earn 'Mood' emojis or avatars as you drive. Whether you're in a Funky or Powerful mood, there's a wide selection to choose from.

Find out more about the Waze app