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Plan a drive with a multi-stop route planner, using this live traffic tool.

Available free-of-charge on iPhone or Android, enjoy a hassle-free approach to driving by downloading the Waze app below.

Join the travel Waze craze that's taking driving to a whole new level! Helping get drivers from A to B as quickly as possible, Waze uses live traffic data provided by drivers on the road like you. Not only will Waze efficiently direct you to your end destination but you can also plan for multiple stops in between.

In just a few clicks the hassle-free Waze route planner will help you find the best route to your location, avoiding traffic and unexpected hazards along the way. Search for your chosen destination using the live Waze map below and plan your route in advance.

Waze Live Map - Plan a route

Why use the Waze live map?

The Waze live map is a simple tool that'll help you reach your destination in good time, allowing you to maximise your free time enjoying the things you love - rather than being stuck in traffic! Waze's live map also provides the following top features, free-of-charge:

  • Receive alerts based on real-time road conditions including traffic, police, accidents and hazards
  • Save your route from the live map to your Waze app
  • Get recommendations for the cheapest petrol stations along nearby
  • See distance to travel in mileage, plus your ETA
  • Discover other Wazers (Waze-users) along the journey

How do I download the Waze app?

Available on Android and iPhone devices worldwide, download Waze from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you've downloaded the app, sign up with your Google account or an email address to start using it.

Is Waze free to use?

Yes, Waze is completely free to download, though your phone data rates would still apply. Waze requires data connection to work at its optimum.

Is the Waze live map better than Google Maps?

Both Waze and Google Maps are Google-owned and share many similarities and differences. The Waze live map has a unique display, whereas Google Maps provides a more traditional method of showing directions. For a detailed comparison of which is better, please visit our Google Maps vs Waze page.

Waze App Live Map Reviews: 4.9/5

For full reviews check out the Apple App Store.

Die-hard Wazer!!!

"Waze updates have been good and the reporting process is improved and there are less steps to get to the actual reporting - yay!"

Better than the old CB days

"Waze is a user-based traffic information app. It does rely upon users to report traffic conditions, construction, accidents and police."

Don't leave home without it

"This app has saved me so many times. I absolutely love it."

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