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Attend the premiere of a great hotel

The Premier Inn Stansted takes cheap beyond cheerful. This brand-new hotel at Stansted airport is an inviting, stylish and comfortable place to settle down for the night. With no unnecessary extras, your needs will be catered for, but you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. There may be only one bar and one restaurant at the Stansted Premier Inn, but in a hotel that's a stopover for a flight, what more do you need? With a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks available, we really think that out of all the bars, in all of the airport hotels, this is one of the best for its price range.

You shall not pay over the odds!

Check-in is simple and uncomplicated, either at the desk or with the new self-check-in machines, you'll be in your room with your feet up in no time. If you need any more help or information, the friendly staff are available 24 hours a day. The Premier Inn won't pretend to provide the extravagant extras, but what it does offer is well-priced, easily-accessible essentials that suit every customer's price range. With deals this good, we're sure you'll be back.

Our customers rated Premier Inn on average 9/10 (370 reviews).

We recommend the Premier Inn at Stansted airport for:

Fantastic value for money - With its luxury-on-a-budget feel, the Premier Inn is a great choice if you're looking after the pennies.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t - With a restaurant, bar and a Costa coffee, but no unnecessary extras, you know you’re getting just what you pay for.

Helpful staff - We found the staff to be accommodating and well informed, they could easily answer any questions we had.