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Our top winter sun destinations for 2020

1. Barbados

Looking for the Benidorm experience with a twist? Take a trip to Barbados. This Anglophone commonwealth island paradise has a strong British influence, meaning you can relax on white sand, enjoy Caribbean beaches but still get a decent cup of tea! Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, and is a great place to start when planning your Caribbean adventure.

Take a peek at our Barbados Travel Guide to find out how to prepare for your next hassle-free trip.

What about Brexit?

We're leaving the EU on 31st January. But then we go into a transition period up to the end of 2020 which means travel to Europe will be just as easy as it was before, at least until the transition period runs out in 2021.

Our comprehensive guide to post-Brexit travel will tell you everything you need to know for a hassle-free trip to Europe after 31st January, but the short version is that leaving the EU at the end of January shouldn't make any difference to travel plans this year.

2. Tenerife

There's no getting away from the fact that for yet another year, Tenerife is our customers' favourite destination.

Miles of beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine and a mind-blowingly epic volcano that will quite literally take your breath away! It’s no wonder this spanish island comes up as a Holiday Extras customers favourite time and time again.

Like the airport hotels and car parks we offer, our reviewers have visted Tenerife plenty of times to make original video reviews - check out our very latest video guide below.

3. Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde (previously known as Cape Verde), off the African coast, has the benefit of no major time-difference so no jet-lag; year-round sunshine; and only recently developed a significant tourism industry, so remains largely unspoiled. If you want Brexit-proof winter sun, this African island paradise is another top pick for a beach holiday that shouldn’t be affected at all whatever the Brexit outcome.

4. Turkey

Turkey was the fastest-growing destination for Holiday Extras customers last year, with both Antalya and Dalaman in our top ten. Despite a rocky recent history, Turkey has long been a favourite for Brits abroad with a rich culture, guaranteed good weather and exquisite cuisine. If you want a short-haul beach holiday that won’t be affected by Brexit, Turkey should be at the top of your list.

5. Mexico

No deal? No problem. At least there’s still tequila. Where better to enjoy this famous tipple than its country of origin? Sit back, listen to the turquoise water lap against the shore on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in hand. With most UK airports now running flights to Cancun, this holiday paradise isn’t far from reach and will remain well within reach whatever the Brexit outcome.

6. Tunisia

Fancy an alternative beach break outside of the EU? Consider Tunisia. Located at the Northern tip of Africa, flight times from the UK are similar to those to the Canary Islands (just over four hours). From the relaxing sands of Hammamet to the more sports orientated coast of Monastir, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy in this criminally underrated holiday destination.

7. Egypt

Egypt offers year-round sun and a captivating culture that is rich in history and storytelling! More than 415,000 British tourists chose Egypt for their holiday last year - up more than 25% on the year before - and we like it for 2020 because it’s one of those destinations that can’t be uprooted by Brexit. Flights resumed from the UK to Sharm El-Sheikh at the end of 2019, reopening a previously very popular Egyptian beach resort to UK visitors. And the opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, planned for 2020, adds another good reason to make a trip to Egypt a priority in 2020

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8. Lanzarote

Our travel guide team tours the world creating original video travel guides to all of our favourite destinations. They've just got back from Lanzarote, and here's their latest guide to Lanazrote. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss a new travel guide again.

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In the event of a no-deal Brexit, adding Brexit disruption cover to your travel insurance will give you extra peace of mind.

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