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Heathrow Luggage Backlog

The baggage crisis at Heathrow airport is under control, with the 'luggage mountain' being reduced from about 7,500 to 4,500 items.

Problems began before Christmas when the combination of cancellations due to heavy fog and a faulty luggage belt at terminal four stopped 10,000 bags being delivered to their owners.

British Airways claim that half the bags belonged to passengers from other airlines. Airline BMI say that problems it had were resolved by Monday 1st January. British Airways have been using freight planes to clear the backlog and staff are monitoring bags that are awaiting collection.

A spokesman for BA said:

"We have put on air freighter planes to get the bags to their owners, and we have drafted in a number of volunteers to help."

For more information about what to do if your luggage has been lost or has not yet arrived, you can consult the Air Transport Users Council. The website advises on baggage delays, lost baggage and damaged baggage.

By: Abby Oleksik