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Gatwick Parking FAQs

We've been selling Gatwick parking since 1988, so it's something we know a lot about. But our customers often have questions. Below we try to answer some of these.

Reception bays at Gatwick Airparks

Why should I book my Gatwick airport parking in advance?
Because you can save a vast amount of money. Many people don't realise that, at any airport, you'll pay more for your parking if you've not booked it than if you have. In some car parks we can save you up to 60 per cent on the price you'd pay if you just turned up - which in some Gatwick car parks could be more than £130 if you're on two weeks' holiday.

But what if I need to cancel my Gatwick airport parking booking?
That's fine. When you book, we'll offer you the option of taking out our cancellation waiver for just 99p. This allows you to cancel your booking and get all your money back at any time - as long as you give us at least 24 hours' notice.

Are there any exceptions to the cancellation waiver?
We offer some non-amendable and non-refundable packages, where you get your parking for an extra-low price. These packages can't be changed or cancelled. If a package can't be changed or cancelled, this will be made clear on our website or by our call centre staff before you book.

How many car parks do you offer at Gatwick airport?
Six: Airparks, Holiday Parking, Summer Special, Long Stay North Terminal, Long Stay South Terminal and Long Stay Plus. We also offer five Meet and Greet packages.

Secured Airport Parking

What does secured parking mean?
Secured car parks have security measures like CCTV, entry and exit barriers, fencing and lighting to keep your car safe. All our Gatwick airport car parks are fully secured and most of them hold the Park Mark, a national security award accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

What's the difference between on-airport and off-airport Gatwick parking?
On-airport car parks are within the airport boundary; off-airport car parks are outside it. Our on-airport car parks at Gatwick are Summer Special, Long Stay North Terminal, Long Stay South Terminal and Long Stay Plus South Terminal. Our off-airport car parks are Airparks and Holiday Parking. Both are within four miles of Gatwick airport.

What about Meet and Greet parking?
With Meet and Greet parking your car is collected from you outside the terminal, parked in a secured car park by a chauffeur, and brought back to the terminal when you return. It's the most expensive type of Gatwick airport parking, but also the most convenient.