Brexit fears affected less than 2% of holiday bookings in June

According to our latest poll, British holidaymakers are over Brexit travel worries

We've been tracking the impact of Brexit on UK travellers' plans since October year, to understand how many people have been putting off their holidays in case Brexit scuppers their plans.

Brits aren't letting Brexit derail their holiday plans

Our latest Brexit travel survey, which was answered by more than 4,000 British holidaymakers in the last week of June, showed that with summer here British travellers have all but dismissed the possibility of Brexit disrupting their plans. Back in December 2018 as many as 15% of travellers said they'd delayed their holiday plans as they waited to see how Brexit played out. In June, that figure had fallen to less than 2%.

Brits aren't letting Brexit derail their holiday plans

Seamus McCauley, Editor at Holiday Extras, explained,

"Now that summer is here and the next Brexit deadline has been pushed back to the autumn, British holidaymakers aren't letting the remote threat of leaving the EU before then stop them booking their week in the sun. Before the last Brexit deadline in March, as many as 15% of travellers were putting off their holiday plans and a handful were even cancelling flights they'd already booked. Now it's just 1.7% putting off plans and no-one at all reporting cancelling a flight, which means holiday planning - and booking - is back to normal."

Travelling in the Brexit interregnum

Holiday Extras has written a number of helpful guides for the precautions you'll need to take while travelling during and after Brexit.

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