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Benidorm Water Sports

Hitting the surf? Check out our guide to water sports in Benidorm!

Benidorm Water Sports

You're all packed and ready for your Benidorm Holiday, you've checked for sun on our Benidorm Weather page, so now it's time to check out if you'll need a wetsuit in the sea and what fun you can have on the waves.

Benidorm is well-known for its beaches and they are certainly one of the biggest attractions for this holiday destination; whether you just fancy dipping your toe in the sea to cool off or plan a full day of snorkelling, you'll want to know what sort of temperatures to be prepared for. We've gathered the average temperatures for the sea around Benidorm throughout the year to give you an idea.

Average Benidorm Sea Temperature

Month Centigrade Fahrenheit
January 13.5 - 15.4 57 - 58.9
February 12.9 - 15.2 56 - 58.4
March 12.3 - 16.3 55.7 - 59.7
April 14.8 - 17.9 59.8 - 62.9
May 16.9 - 21 64 - 68.1
June 19.8 - 25 69.7 - 74.9
July 23.2 - 27 75.3 - 79.1
August 25.2 - 27.1 78.1 - 80
September 23.1 - 26.7 75 - 78.6
October 20.3 - 24.5 70.2 - 74.4
November 17.1 - 21.6 64.5 - 69
December 14.7 - 18.1 59.8 - 63.2

Now you know whether or not you'll need a scarf at sea, what are you planning to do? Fish-spotting with a snorkel? Or cruising the waves on a jet ski? Below you can find a list of great, water-based, activities you can enjoy in Benidorm. If you're not after adventure at sea you can find some more land-based fun here.

Nisos Benidorm

Whatever your experience of diving, Nisos Benidorm can provide you and your family a magical underwater adventure in Benidorm Bay. See a variety of sea life on your dive from fish to rays to make your trip a little more special.

Alicante Aventura

This company provides a range of fun activities around Benidorm and the surrounding area all of which can really help you make the most of the glorious Benidorm weather. One of the most popular adventures on offer is a guided kayak tour around the coastal areas near Benidorm. This relaxed tour is fun for all the family and has plenty of opportunities for you to stop and enjoy the sights.

Seafurious Jet Boat Benidorm

The Seafurious is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and your pulse racing as you're taken through tight turns, and "crash stops" in this insanely powerful, superfast jet boat. Be warned, you'll definitely end up soaked on this thrill-ride around Benidorm Bay.

Capitan Kayak

Enjoy a relaxed and unhurried paddle out to Isla de Benidorm with an experienced kayaking guide; when you get to the island you'll climb to the summit where you can enjoy stunning views of Benidorm Bay and the coastline. You'll also get the chance to snorkel in the crystal clear water and get a glimpse of the beautiful underwater world.

Carlos Watersports Benidorm

With two offices in Benidorm Carlos Water Sports offers plenty of fun, water-based activities. You can enjoy the thrill of a banana boat ride, take in the sights with some parasailing or be master of your own fate with a jet skiing experience.

Cable-Ski Benidorm

If you've ever wanted to try wakeboarding or water-skiing then Cable-Ski offers excellent tuition and an opportunity for you to live out your dream. enjoy the adrenaline rush of wakeboarding while you enjoy the glorious weather that Benidorm is famous for.

Mundo Marino Benidorm

If all this water-based, adrenaline fuelled action is proving a bit much for you then a calm boat ride could be just the thing! With Mundo Marino you can be your own captain and enjoy some sedate sightseeing out on the clear blue waters of Benidorm Bay.

All information correct at time of writing.