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Benidorm Weather

Keep an eye on the weather so you know what to pack for your Benidorm holiday

Bendirom Weather

We all know that the weather can make or break a summer holiday, thankfully Benidorm Weather is well-known for being glorious and sunny throughout the summer months with barely any rain to worry about.

Benidorm Weather

The weather may be out of our control but choosing Benidorm as your holiday destination is a great way to maximise your chances of great weather. While Benidorm is famous for its sunshine, when it rains there it tends to rain pretty solidly; we've also included information on the average rainfall. With an idea of what you can expect out of Benidorm weather depending on the time of year you're heading there, you can plan what to pack and what to do when you get there.

Are you holidaying in August? It's normally the hottest month so remember your sunscreen, keep hydrated and hit the beach (this is also when the sea is at its warmest; a good time for a swim)! And if you are planning some fun on the waves then take a look at our Benidorm water sports page.

Average Benidorm Temperatures

Month Centigrade Fahrenheit
January 12 54
February 12 54
March 14 57
April 15 59
May 18 64
June 22 72
July 25 77
August 25 77
September 24 75
October 20 68
November 15 59
December 13 55

Look at all those glorious temperatures! If you're chasing the sun you've definitely picked the right place with your trip to Benidorm. You'll have plenty of fine weather, especially over the summer months to make the most of your time on the Costa Blanca!

Even though Benidorm is sun central, there is still a chance for rain (although it'll likely still be a warm day) so, below you can see the average rainfall and the average number of days it rains for to make sure you're as prepared as possible. September is historically the wettest month in Benidorm for sheer volume of rainfall at 76mm over 8 days, although the temperature still averages somewhere in the mid 20s; if you do find your holiday is turning out a little rainier than you intended check out our tips for rainy day amusements.

Average Benidorm Rainfall

Month MM of rain Days of rain
January 31 9
February 39 7
March 48 7
April 43 8
May 54 8
June 37 5
July 27 2
August 49 3
September 76 8
October 47 9
November 52 8
December 45 9

These charts should give you a good idea of the best times to plan your trip to Benidorm and the kind of weather you can expect while you're there; if you're looking for some more information before you head off on your Benidorm holiday then check out our Benidorm page. You'll find hints, tips and advice about resorts, the airport and the many things to do while you enjoy the sunshine.

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Does it get too hot?

Even during the months of July and August, temperatures don't typically rise above 30°C, which means that the weather is usually lovely and warm without being excessively hot. That said, it's always best to take precautions, particularly more elderly visitors, babies and/or young children.

It's between midday and 16:00 that temperatures tend to be at their greatest so avoid extended exposure to direct sunshine during these times. Wearing light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes is a good idea, and if you do intend to top up your suntan, make sure you use sunscreen that offers adequate protection.

Just as importantly, be sure to drink lots of water, even if you don't necessarily feel thirsty. On intensely sunny days, sugary, caffeinated drinks or alcohol should be taken in moderation in order to stave off dehydration.

How cold does it get?

While temperatures during the summer months are 'just right' for the majority of visitors, what can you expect during the winter season? Unsurprisingly, the coldest months are normally December and January, with temperature lows of about 7°C. On the flip side, it's not unusual to experience highs of 17°C during these times – the equivalent of t-shirt weather in the UK.

Will it rain?

Of course, it's impossible to predict what the weather is going to do next but, with Benidorm, there's every chance that it will be fine. We know that temperatures are more than tolerable, even in December and January. And rainfall is fairly infrequent, too, and it's quite normal for there to be no rainy days during July and August. During the six months that run from October to March, there tends to be, on average, a little less than four rainy days per month. That's the equivalent of one day in eight featuring rain – not a bad strike rate.

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All information correct at time of writing.