Benidorm Holidays

Catch some rays on the Costa Blanca

Benidorm is one of the original Spanish resorts and with miles of gorgeous beaches, perfect holiday weather and plenty to do; it's easy to see why it's such a popular holiday destination.

Before you go, check-in with Holiday Extras for everything you need to get the most out of your holiday; all those little extras that will make moments into memories. We've been helping people with their holidays for over 30 years now, so we sat down and scratched our heads to think of everything we can from weather reports, to top resorts, transfers to unmissable attractions; anything that might help you have the best holiday you can! Read on to see what we came up with.


Benidorm is a popular choice for a beach holiday and the gorgeous weather is definitely a big part of that, it's much easier to sun yourself when the sun is out. Getting an idea of the weather you can expect while you're in Benidorm can be really helpful in deciding how to pack as well as figuring out what activities you can enjoy on your holiday; check out our Benidorm Weather page for average weather predictions for Benidorm so you know whether to pack bikinis or brollies...or both!


Get the lowdown on Alicante Airport (the closest airport to Benidorm), especially if you have some time to spend at the terminal. We've put together some useful information about Alicante Airport, the closest airport to Benidorm. We've got the answers to important questions like, where in the UK can you fly from? What on-site amenities are available? Is there a comfy lounge you can relax in? (Spoiler alert - Yes.)


Great, you're there, the holiday is off to an excellent start. The sun-kissed beaches stretch out for miles and you can feel the stress drop away... you're on holiday at last. The question is, do you want to lounge in the sun all day, everyday (that sounds very tempting), or are you more of a do-er? Do you want to see all the great attractions that a Benidorm holiday has to offer? Check out our Benidorm Attractions page for a round-up of all the fun you can fill your holiday with (and some great deals on attraction tickets)!


Benidorm is the destination, and we know the mission is vacation, but which resort will be the location for your relaxation? Sorry, we got into a rhyming thing there, we'll stop. But finding the right resort can be key to having a great holiday whether you want it to be close to the airport for a quick transfer, centrally located to make the most of attractions or right on the beach front to maximise your beach time. We'll have a look at a range of resorts on our Benidorm Resorts page.

Travel Guide

In our handy Travel Guide we've gathered together some useful information about travelling to Benidorm, some of the things that holiday-makers most commonly ask about including using public transport and which number to call in an emergency.

Car Hire

Being able to walk from your bed to the pool or beach is certainly a #holidaygoal, but what if you want a bit more mobility so you can really see the sites? A set of wheels can give you the freedom to see what you want, when you want. Check out our Car Hire page for the best ways to hit the road on your holiday.


Of course, if you're happy with a bed to pool/beach holiday (We certainly are!) then all you need to worry about is getting from the airport to your resort... but you don't even have to worry about that! We can help you arrange a transfer from the airport in a range of different vehicles depending on your needs; head over to our Alicante Airport Transfers page where you can see our great deals on airport transfers.

Travel Money

Keep an eye on the exchange rates and get the best deal with FairFX to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when it's time to fly. Not only can you get great rates but FairFX offers next day delivery and can even deliver on a Saturday if it suits you, find all the information on our Travel Money page.