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Only 15 minutes from Newcastle City Centre

If you're staying at a Newcastle airport hotel these directions will help you find the area problem free. All of our Newcastle airport hotels are very close to the airport itself, and so finding them should prove no problem.

Only 15 minutes from Newcastle City Centre with excellent transport links including a direct rail network, Newcastle airport is able to serve over 3 million passengers a year.

From the North
  • The A1 provides fast access into Newcastle Airport from the North.
  • An alternative to the A1 is the A68/A696 which provides a shorter journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle Airport.

  • From the South
  • The A1 by-passes Newcastle City Centre as it connects with the upgraded A696 direct to the Airport.

  • From the West
  • The A69 links with the A1 and then the A696, giving dual carriageway access to Newcastle Airport.