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  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 315

We stayed at the Mercury Hotel Heathrow on the 4th September for one night in a twin room. The room was filthy, you could not see the pattern or colour of the carpet through the stains and dirt, the radiator next to window was leaking onto the floor, the bathroom toilet handle was green, the bathroom door handle falling off and floor was filthy. To top it all Victor was bitten by bed bugs or fleas during the night and had to get up and shower at 3am to relieve the itching. He still had bite marks on his face and side of his body 6 days later. We have photos of the room and Victor’s bite. Totally unacceptable standard of health and safety hygiene. This hotel would have received zero as a score if it had been an option.

1 out of 10

Very pleasant experience. Staff very friendly and helpful. Quiet room, good meal, comfortable beds. All in all excellent, would highly recommend

10 out of 10

There was a mix up with room. Took a little while to get right. The room was a little shabby but clean. The service was good. The food was good. The bar worker really nice

5 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Taxi too expensive, was advertised as£12 when it actually cost £20!!

5 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Everything was really smooth from the hotel to the airport transfer and hotel parking. Would highly recommend

10 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Very disappointed as holiday extras quoted that the taxi to my hotel from Heathrow airport would cost me £12 per journey! when in fact it cost from £18to £22. So for 4 journeys which should have cost me £48 I ended up paying £80. Not at all pleased!! I would not have booked this hotel for the 2 nights if I had realised that the taxi fare was so much!! Hotel was grand but worked out rather expensive.

4 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Hotel was adequate, but very hot, on return air conditioner wasn’t able to get a comfortable room temperature.

4 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Yes all very good and straightforward

10 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Easy to organise and print out evidence

9 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow

Booked the airport hotel at a very good rate almost 6 months before we travelled. Disappointed to find on arrival that our room had been downgraded to a very small twin. The hotel did pay for our overnight parking and did offer us free breakfast but we were leaving too early to take them up on that offer. Can’t help thinking we were downgraded because of the rate we had paid.

4 out of 10Mercure London Heathrow