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Taipei Airport Transfers

Whether for business or pleasure, our Taipei Airport transfers ensure your trip gets off to the right start.

Embark on your adventure with our efficient and reliable Taipei airport transfers, designed to seamlessly connect you with Taiwan's vibrant capital city. Taipei is a bustling metropolis known for its lively street-food scene, rich history, and modern skyline, offering an eclectic mix of the traditional and contemporary. From the iconic Taipei 101 and ancient temples to the lush landscapes of Yangmingshan National Park, this city captivates with its diversity. As you arrive, our Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport transfers (TPE) cater to your every need, ensuring your journey from the airport to your accommodation in Taipei is smooth and hassle-free.

Taipei Airport Transfer Prices

The table below shows an example of prices and vehicles we offer from Taipai Airport to the centre of Taipai.

Transfer Type Journey time Price Per Person
Shared shuttle 1 hour 10 minutes £7.34
Private car for 3 25 minutes £5.85
Private premium car for 2 25 minutes £20.18
Private premium minibus for 6 25 minutes £6.94

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change according to supplier availability. Free cancellations available 24 hours before travel time.

Taipei Transfer Vehicles

Discover the array of airport transfer options available in Taipei, each thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of travellers arriving in this dynamic city. Our comprehensive table below provides a detailed overview of the various services we offer, from the comfort and privacy of a private car transfer to the affordability and shared experience of a shuttle service, and the practicality of minibuses for larger groups.

Shared Bus Transfer

Shared Shuttle

In Taipei, a shared shuttle transfer is an excellent option for travellers seeking a cost-effective and reliable way to reach their hotels or resorts from the airport. This service is particularly suitable for those who are budget-conscious but still value comfort and convenience. As the shuttle navigates through Taipei's vibrant streets, passengers can enjoy a smooth ride, making stops at key accommodations along the way.

Speedy Shared Transfers

Speedy Shuttle

Speedy shuttle transfers in Taipei offer a fantastic compromise for travellers who value both time and budget. These shuttles are tailored for those seeking a quicker option than the standard shared shuttle, as they make fewer stops en route to hotels and resorts. This means you'll reach your destination faster, allowing more time to explore Taipei's vibrant streets, historic temples, and modern attractions.

Speedy Shuttle

Private Transfer

Private Transfer

Embark on your Taipei visit with the luxury and ease of our private car transfers. Perfect for those who prioritise comfort and a personalised touch in their travel, this service ensures a direct and relaxed journey from the airport to your accommodation. As soon as you land, you'll be greeted by your own exclusive vehicle, along with a professional driver who will navigate Taipei's bustling streets seamlessly.

Private Executive Transfers

Luxury Transfer

Step into the epitome of sophistication and comfort with our private luxury transfers in Taipei. Designed for those who desire an exceptional level of service and comfort, this option ensures a journey from the airport to your destination that is as refined as it is relaxing. Ideal for discerning travellers, special occasions, or anyone wishing to indulge in a lavish start to their Taipei adventure, our luxury transfers offer plush interiors, top-tier amenities, and a smooth ride.

Luxury Transfer

Private Minibus Transfers

Private Minibus

Opt for our private minibus transfers in Taipei for a comfortable and convenient solution tailored to group travel. This service is ideal for families, business groups, or friends travelling together, offering a spacious and cohesive journey from the airport to your destination. Upon arrival, a minibus with ample room for passengers and luggage ensures that your group can travel together without the need for multiple vehicles.

Wheelchair Adapted Transfer

Wheelchair Adapted Transfers

Wheelchair-adapted transfers are specially designed to offer accessible and comfortable travel for those with mobility needs. These transfers provide vehicles equipped with necessary features such as ramps and ample space, ensuring a smooth and dignified journey from the airport to your destination.

Wheelchair Adapted Transfers

Taipei Airport Transfers - FAQs

What happens once I've booked my Taipei Airport transfer?

There's nothing left to do once you've picked your transfer services and booked, except lookout for the email confirmation that will shortly be making its way to your inbox.

What happens when I arrive in Taipei?

When you touch down in Taipei Airport and been reunited with your luggage, the next thing to do is head on through to Arrivals. Your driver will be waiting for you in the hall somewhere, and, once you've located each other, will whisk you onwards to your accommodation.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

If your flight gets held up en route and you suspect you will miss your transfer, the best thing to do is get in touch with your transfer provider using the phone number we will provide on your confirmation email.

What about when it's time to come home?

When it's time to start your journey back home and you've booked a return transfer, simply be at the location you booked at the time you selected, and your driver will be there promptly to whisk you back to the airport.

Book a stress-free Airport Transfer with FREE Cancellation

Flextras: Free Cancellation

Our airport transfers come with the freedom of being able to amend or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your transfer is due to take place. Vouchers and 100% cash refunds are available.

Holiday Extras Customer Support - always on-hand!

Our brilliant help team is standing by for your questions about your airport transfers. Simply click here to visit our help and support page.

Why choose Holiday Extras for your Airport transfers?

  • We have of helping customers with the little extras that come with booking a holiday.
  • We compare 1000's of options for airport transfers with just one click.
  • Contact centre and helpline available 24/7.
  • We only use the very best vehicles, so they're all under 5 years old with air conditioning, perfect for those warm summer days.
  • We are trusted by the world's leading travel companies.

Are your transfers suitable for babies and children?

Children are welcome on our transfers throughout Taipei, but keep in mind for the very little ones, our suppliers do not currently provide any car seats, so it will need to be brought with you if required.

How much is a taxi from Taipei airport to city?

A private taxi transfer from Taipei Airport to the city costs around £17.55 for 3 people.

Is it worth booking an airport transfer?

Definitely! Securing an airport transfer with us takes the worry out of finding your way once you land. There's nothing better than bypassing public transport queues or the hunt for a taxi after your journey. By booking a transfer, you'll have peace of mind knowing your transport is arranged. And the cherry on top? Transparent pricing – no unexpected expenses because you're clued up on the cost beforehand.

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Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) Information

☆ Summary ☆

Taipei Airport, officially known as Taoyuan International Airport, is the gateway to the vibrant and bustling capital city of Taiwan. As the largest airport in the country, it's a major hub for international travellers and a crucial link for guests looking to explore the wonders of Asia. The airport boasts two terminals, filled with a wide variety of amenities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

☆ Restaurants at Taipei Airport ☆

Hungry guests can indulge in a culinary adventure at Taipei Airport, where a variety of tantalising food options await to satisfy any craving. From traditional Taiwanese delicacies to international favourites, there's a dish to delight everyone's taste buds. Whether you're after a quick snack before your flight or a leisurely meal to kick-start your journey, you'll find eateries dotted throughout the terminals.

*All prices on page correct at time of writing and subject to change based on supplier availability. Free cancellations available up until 24 hours before travel time.