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The Short Stay North is no longer available to book. Check out our Gatwick airport parking for more great offers available.

Close to the North Terminal

It’s the closest car park to the North terminal – the only one within walking distance of check-in. But that’s not the only reason the sun will be shining on you and your car when you book Gatwick Short Stay North. There’s the excellent security – CCTV and regular patrols – and the fact that your car will almost certainly be parked under cover. So even if, okay, the sun’s not actually shining, it doesn’t matter – your car will be safe from the elements until you return.

Reasons to book Gatwick Short Stay North

  • The closest car park to the North terminal.
  • Safe as houses with Park Mark approval, CCTV and regular patrols.
  • DIY service: park, keep your keys, just don't forget your ticket!
  • No need to get on a transfer bus.

Arrival at Gatwick Short Stay North

Pull up to the barrier and it will automatically scan your registration, provide you with a ticket and lift to let you in. If a ticket is not dispensed, press the button. When you�ve parked, we suggest you write the number of your space on the back of your ticket in case you forget. Follow the signs for �Lifts to Terminal� and take the lift to level 5 for departures. Walk through the automatic doors and you�ll be at check-in.

Getting to and from Gatwick airport

Gatwick Short Stay North has barriers that will read your number plate, issue you a ticket and let you in. Once you've parked, just take the lift from the car park to departures.

When you return, take the lift back to the car park and collect your car. Insert your ticket back into the barrier and then head home.

On your return to Gatwick Short Stay North

Take the escalator up one level from arrivals and turn left, following the sign for the Short Stay car park. If you had to press the button to get a ticket on your way in, you�ll need to report to the customer services office on the ground floor of car park 5 to get your ticket validated. Drive to the exit barrier and insert your ticket to get out. If there�s a problem, press the intercom button to speak to a member of staff. Do not put your credit or debit card into the barrier or you will be charged again for your parking.

More information

This is a multi-storey car park, so unless your car is parked on the roof it will be parked under cover.
The car park does not allow trailers.
Make sure you have provided the correct car registration to prevent any delays entering and exiting the car park.

Gatwick Short Stay North Address

Arrivals Road,
West Sussex


Longitude -0.17545
Latitude    51.16169