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Collect your loved ones quickly and easily with this Manchester Airport Parking Pick Up Guide

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There are different options for picking up passengers depending on the terminal. There is no free pick up area available at Manchester Airport, but you can also collect your friends and family from either the dedicated multi-storey at each terminal, or the arrivals car parks. Wherever you are collecting, the Turn Up and Park prices are the same and staff on the ground will be available if you should require any help. Have a look below for the pick-up charges.

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Manchester Airport Pick Up Charges

Have a look below for charges at the car parks located within walking distance of the terminals.

Duration* Price**
Up to 30 minutes £6.00
Up to 1 hour £12.00
Up to 2 hours £20.00
Up to 4 hours (Not applicable for T3 Arrivals) £30.00
Up to 24 hours (and for each 24 hours thereafter) £58.00

*On the day spaces are not guaranteed. We recommend you pre-book to avoid disappointment. Have a look below for our advanced parking rates.

Manchester Airport Terminal 1 Pick Up

T1 Arrivals Car Park

  • To pick up passengers from Terminal 1, follow T1 signposts once you reach the airport.
  • When you come to the traffic lights, go straight ahead. You should pass the Hilton Hotel on your left.
  • Turn right at the roundabout, and then take the next left to reach the T1 Arrivals car park.

You cannot collect someone directly from the train station. Please use the Terminal 1 Arrival's car park, which is only a few minute's walk away.

T1 Multi Storey

Ideal for those who want to meet their family in the arrivals lounge, you can park your car in the multi-storey, which benefits from undercover parking, and gated exit & entry.

  • To find the multi-storey, follow signs for T1 once you reach the airport.
  • Then simply follow signs for the T1 multi-storey.

If you aren't booking your space in advance, you'll need to pay the fee before you leave.

Read more about the T1 Multi Storey

Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Pick Up

T2 Arrivals Car Park

Beginning April 1st 2019, the Terminal 2 Arrivals car park will located at the T2 Multi Storey West.

  • Follow signs for the T2 West Pick Up Zone, which will be displayed on the road network around the airport
  • Pay the wait fee upon your exit.

T2 Multi Storey East

For those who wish to park for longer to greet their friends or family inside the airport itself, you can also park in the T2 Multi Storey East.

  • Simply follow the signs around the airport to find the entrance barrier.

If you don't pre-book your space, you will need to pay for your time before you leave.

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Manchester Airport Terminal 3 Pick Up

T3 Arrivals Car Park

The T3 Arrivals (Pick Up) Zone is located inside the T3 Multi-Storey.

  • Once you're on airport grounds, follow the signs for Terminals 1 & 3. You should pass by the Hilton Hotel on your left.
  • Take the first exit at the first roundabout, and then take the third exit at the next roundabout, which will take you towards Terminal 3.
  • Keep driving until you find the T3 Multi Storey entrance on the right hand side.

If you're planning on parking up and heading inside to greet your friends or family, park anywhere inside the multi storey, and pay the full fee before you exit.

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Why Pre-Book my Parking Space?

manchester airport parking pick up and pick up terminal 1, 2, 3, no booking fee badge

We advise those who wish to park up in the multi storeys to meet their friends and families inside the Manchester Airport Terminals to pre-book their parking space, as there is no guarantee there will be a spot available at busy times. Though you cannot book shorter stays in advance, if you think you might be at the airport for longer than a couple of hours, it could actually work out cheaper to pre-book a day's worth of parking, instead of paying for a couple of hours on the gate. Have a look at our price table below to see how much you could save on longer pick ups by booking in advance with Holiday Extras.

Manchester Airport Multi Storey Advanced Charges

Car Park
Full Day's Parking Booked in Advance**
Multi Storey T2 West
Multi Storey T2
Mid Stay T1 & T3
Multi Storey T3
Multi Storey T1

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Manchester Airport Pick Up - FAQs

Can I Pick Up for Free at Manchester Airport?

No, unfortunately there is no free pick up point available at Manchester Airport.

What if I want to Meet my Passengers in the Terminal?

You can head to dedicated pick up sections located at each each terminal, so you won't have far to walk. You can pay to park out on the day, but watch out - the price can climb very quickly if you stay longer than you intend to.

Is it Better to Pre-Book my Space to Pick Up my Passengers?

If you plan on staying longer than an hour, it works out cheaper to pre-book your space with us before you go. This is ideal for those who want to head inside to meet their loved ones in arrivals - plus, you won't have to worry about any time constraints or being overcharged.

What if I want to Drop Off at Manchester Airport?

Need to drop off passengers at Manchester Airport? Have a look at our dedicated drop off page for information about where to go, and how much it costs.

*All prices on this page are correct at time of writing and subject to change.