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Compare Heathrow Short Stay Parking

Beating the airport on price!
£197.60 vs £93.27* per week, saving up to 52%.
Book with Holiday Extras.

Free Cancellation No hidden booking fees Never Beaten on Price

If you're on the hunt for short stay parking at Heathrow, did you know that the airport's official Short Stay car parks aren't your only option. At Holiday Extras we have a brilliant range of trusted Meet and Greet packages that are great, low-cost alternatives to the Short Stay car parks. The service they offer is just as convenient but half the price! By booking an off-site Heathrow short stay parking package, you can save up to a whopping 52%.

Over our 40 years' in the biz we've built a portfolio we're proud of, packed with the very best Heathrow parking. We only work with trusted and reputable operators, so you can book with peace of mind that whatever Heathrow short stay parking you choose, the car park will be protected by stringent security features and boast hassle-free procedures. And thanks to our Never Beaten on Price guarantee, you know you're getting the cheapest price.

Compare Short Stay Heathrow Parking

Heathrow Airport Short Stay Parking Logo
Heathrow Short Stay - Prices from £83.30** per day

Park your car and walk to the terminals in just 2 minutes.

(Please note: this car park is not bookable here)

Heathrow Airport Maple Parking Meet and Greet Logo
Maple Parking Meet and Greet - Prices from £11.81* per day

Drive to the Short Stay car park and walk to the terminal in 2 minutes.

Heathrow Airport Holiday Extras Meet and Greet Logo
Holiday Extras Meet and Greet - Prices from £13.00* per day

Drive to the Short Stay car park and walk to the terminal in 2 minutes.

ℹ What's the difference between 'Short Stay' and short stay parking?

The 'short' in short stay parking isn't usually a reference to the duration you can park for - the Heathrow Short Stay car park, for example, can be booked for up to 99 days - instead it's more of a reflection of how close it is to the terminals. Car parks where vehicles are located within easy walking distance of the airport can be considered Heathrow short stay parking. It's because of this close proximity, however, that many short stay car parks can charge premium rates and are therefore widely recommended for shorter trips to keep prices down. For longer trips, a long stay parking option will work out much cheaper.

Heathrow Short Stay is one of the airport's official, on-site car parks. And just one of the choices available if you're looking for short stay parking at Heathrow.

Heathrow Short Stay Parking Options and Prices
Car Park Pre-booked Price* (8 days) Transfer time
Heathrow Short Stay (Not bookable here) £197.60 2 minute walk
Holiday Extras Meet and Greet (all terminals) £104.71 2 minute walk
Purple Parking Meet and Greet (all terminals) £104.71 2 minute walk
Maple Parking Meet and Greet (all terminals) £104.71 2 minute walk
MBW Meet and Greet (all terminals) £114.31 2 minute walk

As you can see, you can save up to £104 just by booking an off-airport car park for your short stay Heathrow parking!

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Stress-free Heathrow Airport Parking with FREE Cancellation

Airport Parking with Free Cancellation from Holiday Extras

Our short stay parking at Heathrow comes with the freedom of being able to amend or cancel should your travel plans change. Vouchers and 100% cash refunds available.

Take a look at our Flextras page for more information.

Tempted by a Park and Ride? Prices from just £60.68 p/w

If you're looking for an easy way to keep your Heathrow parking costs down, or you've just decided that short stay parking isn't the right option for you, be sure to check out our customer-loved, ultra affordable Purple Parking Park and Ride.

Purple Parking Park and Ride Heathrow Airport Parking

From £7.58 per day

With super simple procedures, FREE 10-12 minute transfers and amazingly low prices, it's no surprise that Purple Parking is one of our most highly reviewed and most booked car parks at Heathrow.

Heathrow Short Stay FAQs

How long can you park at Heathrow Short Stay?

The maximum length of stay at the official Heathrow Short Stay is 99 days if you pre-book. If you turn up and park, there is no limit.

If you're parking longer than 24 hours we recommend opting for an alternative short stay option, like a Meet and Greet package, to make a significant saving. Using a Meet and Greet service allows you to walk to and from the terminal in minutes (you even drop your car off at the Short Stay car park) but will save you up to 52%.

Can I pay for short stay parking at Heathrow?

You can turn up and park at the official Short Stay car park at Heathrow, however you will pay premium on-the-day prices (see below).

Heathrow Short Stay Turn Up Prices
Duration Price*
0 - 29 minutes £6.00
30 - 44 minutes £9.50
45 - 59 minutes £12.70
1 - 2 hours £16.00
2 - 3 hours £19.40
3 - 4 hours £23.30
4 - 5 hours £29.30
5 - 6 hours £37.70
6 - 9 hours £51.40
9 - 12 hours £67.30
12 - 24 hours £83.30
Each additional 24 hour period £83.30

All of the Heathrow short stay packages available at Holiday Extras will need to be booked in advance and you can do this via our fast and secure online booking system, the Holiday Extras app or by phone.

Do you have to pay to pick someone up from Heathrow?

If you're looking for the closest place to pick up someone from Heathrow, the Short Stay car parks are the best option. They're a 2 minute walk away and prices start from £6.00 for 30 minutes.

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? The Long Stay car parks (available at all terminals) offer 30 minutes parking for FREE.

*Prices are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change.
**On the day price (Effective 4 January 2023)