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East Midlands airport valet parking

East Midlands airport valet parking

While you sun yourself on a beach far away from the British weather why not give your car a treat too by booking one of our excellent East Midlands valet parking packages. Upon your return a cleaner, shinier version of your car will be waiting for you to drive it home.

Why book East Midlands airport valet parking with®?

By booking your East Midlands airport parking in advance you’ll always pay less than you would on the day. In addition, with our Best Price Guarantee you know you’re getting the best deal. We promise that ff you can find exactly the same product provided by the same supplier cheaper within 24 hours of paying for your booking, we will match the price by refunding the difference.

Our East Midlands valet parking packages

Two of our East Midlands airport car parks valet teams can clean your car for you while you're away: Airparks East Midlands and Prestige Parking East Midlands. Airparks offers two valet parking packages, Prestige Parking offers four.

East Midlands airport valet parking

East Midlands valet parking at Airparks

We offer you the choice of Gold or Silver valet so you get the service that’s right for you.

Silver valet: This option has your car hand washed with shampoo after which it’s thoroughly polished with wax. The wheels will be cleaned and the tyres will be dressed, leaving you with an impressively clean car.

Gold valet: For a first class service opt for the gold valet. As well as the same treatment as the silver valet your car is given extra special treatment. The windows will be polished, the inside vacuumed and the dashboard cleaned, giving your car a spotless finish inside and out.

East Midlands valet parking at Prestige Parking

There’s a range of options to choose from at Prestige Parking, starting with express valet through to mini valet, executive valet and gold valet.

Express valet: The outside of your car will be washed, the tyres will be cleaned and the outside of the windows will be polished.

Mini valet: You'll get all the above, plus the inside of your car will be cleaned, the upholstery, carpets and boot will be vacuumed, the windows will be polished inside as well as outside and the dashboard cleaned.

Executive valet: With this option you get the comprehensive clean included in the above packages and you'll also get beautifully polished bodywork.

Gold valet: If you want a car that’s immaculately clean inside and out in addition to everything else this option will also see the windows cleaned, and the seats, carpets and boot shampooed or treated with leather cleaner.