The Current Weather in Tenerife


Set off the west coast of North Africa, and on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, it's not surprising to learn that the climate of Tenerife is one that is warm all year round. That's not to say there is a lack of variation; the north west, for example, receives nearly three-quarters of the island's precipitation, resulting in an area of lush vegetation that provides a beautiful contrast to the charms of the south.

What to Expect in Tenerife

Travel to Tenerife is rewarding any time of the year, with the island blessed with a year-round climate that all-but guarantees a healthy amount of sun. If you're looking to escape the UK for some winter sun, the temperature throughout December, January and February still reaches a comfortable high of 15°C, while those searching for a break with a little more heat, temperatures throughout the summer season (July and August) peak at 29°C.

Best Time of Year to Visit Tenerife

Of course, choosing when to travel to Tenerife is dictated by your own wants and needs. If you're a fan of the sun and heat is no object, and you don't mind being surrounded by other travellers, the summer is the time to go. For those looking to embark on discovery over lounging on the beach, heading away later in the year is the best option.

With the autumn months still reaching the mid-20°Cs, and the sea temperature a comfortable 24°C around this time of year, the climate around September and October enables you to embark on a holiday that combines the best of daytime sun without excessive heat stifling your exploration of what remains a fascinating destination.

What to Pack for Tenerife Weather

Regardless of the time of year you decide to travel, being adequately prepared for the climate that awaits is important. We always recommend packing for the extremes, because you never quite know what may happen.

Ensure, therefore, that you are equipped with quality sun cream to protect your skin throughout the day; sunglasses to avoid the sun's glare; a decent sun hat to avoid overheating and suffering from sun stroke; and extra layers of clothing for when the evening sets in.

With Tenerife - particularly in the north - susceptible to strong trade winds from Africa and the Atlantic Ocean, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality.

Visiting Tenerife any time of year provides a rewarding experience for any traveller. From sunny beach holidays, to cooler inland areas and soaring mountain peaks ready for discovery, finding a time of year to support your travel ambitions is simple.

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