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Help with booking confirmations

I haven't received my booking confirmation

If you haven't received your booking confirmation first check your spam and junk folder. If it's not in there you can resend your booking confirmation using the steps below.

If you can't find your booking using your email address, you can look it up using your 6-digit booking reference.

If you still haven't received a confirmation and believe your email address is wrong please get in touch.

I need to resend my booking confirmation

You can resend any booking confirmation from 'Your trips & bookings'. Look for and tap 'Resend confirmation email'.

Something is wrong on my booking confirmation and I need to change it

If you need to make a change to your booking head to our existing booking page.

I need a VAT receipt

For parking bookings you can ask for a VAT receipt to be sent immediately.

We aren't unable to issue a VAT receipt or invoice for a hotel, lounge or car park with lounge booking. We subscribe to the Tour Operator's Management Scheme (TOMS). TOMS rules say that we have to work out our VAT based on the full amount of the booking and cannot separate out the VAT amount. TOMS also prevents our customers from reclaiming VAT as input tax.

For your records our VAT number is 844281425.