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Holiday Activities for over 50's in Benidorm

Let us help you with some ideas for your trip to Benidorm

Holiday activities for over fifties

When it comes to enjoying Benidorm's many delights, it really doesn't matter what age you are because there's so much to do and see. Once you've booked your accommodation and air flights, the next step is to take advantage of our Benidorm airport transfers. Our hassle-free shuttle service will convey you from the airport to your hotel in no time at all.

Traditional Benidorm

This resort city offers a mixture of eras bygone and modern, with the former very much in evidence in the Old Town. With its cobbled streets and slender alleyways, this quaint yet vibrant part of Benidorm is replete with whitewashed dwellings, authentic tapas bars, charming independent shops and fine coffee houses. It's also home to the oldest of the city's bars, Vincents. At the southernmost point of Old Town lies the brilliant-white Balcan de Mediterraneo, which stands where the city's former castle once existed. From here, you'll be treated to superb Benidorm views to your right and left, and a Mediterranean Sea vista ahead of you, which is interrupted only by nearby Isla de los Periodistas.

Blissful beaches

Below the Balcan de Mediterraneo is the Old Town's traditional beach, which retains more of a local flavour than some of its counterparts. Either side of this delightful if modest expanse of sand is one of two larger, Blue Flag beaches: Levante and Poniente. Each has clean, soft sands in common but if you're looking to enjoy an especially lively atmosphere, you might like to pitch up at Levante. For a more tranquil experience, head to Poniente, where you'll easily be able to sequester a sunlounger. This beach features an adjacent promenade, too, along which are several bars and food stalls. Poniente is also a good choice for holidaymakers with limited mobility, thanks to its numerous boardwalks.

An island to write home about

We've already mentioned Isla de los Periodistas which translates as "Island of Journalists" and we're happy to report that this rocky outcrop is definitely worth a visit. To start with, the journey to and fro takes place aboard a glass-bottomed boat that provides a fish-eye view of sea life beneath the waves. This little island is an ideal picnic spot that is great for some sunbathing and swimming, and if you make your way to the top of its prominent rock, you'll get a great view of the mainland.

In terms of what Benidorm has to offer the over-50s, we've only really scratched the surface. Please check out our airport transfers to ensure that you begin your holiday perfectly.

All information correct at time of writing.