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Benidorm Stag Do

Get the Stag in your sights for a great day of paint-based fun

Benidorm Stag Do Paintballing

If you're looking for somewhere to celebrate your friends big day then the sun-kissed, party town of Benidorm could be the perfect destination for you....

Stag Do Activities

Great, you've decided to bring your Stag to Benidorm, but what are you going to do now you're here? Other than soak up the sun... Well, there's plenty to fill the time and a whole load of fun to be had! Here's some ideas to get you started:

Go Karting

A staple of the Stag Do experience! Stag parties have been go karting since, well, who knows exactly? But it's a long time! check out our Benidorm Go Karting page for more details.

Airsoft Combat

What says 'Stag Do' more than repeatedly shooting the Stag? Well, doing it in the gorgeous sunshine of Benidorm seems like a good start. You'll get 2 hours of BB-shooting fun with unlimited ammo, realistic looking guns and full camo gear. Time to get tactical!

Guided bar crawl

Benidorm is well known for it's bars, there are plenty of them, especially along the Strip and in the English Square. With this guided pub crawl you can make sure you hit the best bars, don't lose anyone and get all your required drinking done! The reps that will guide you know the area and are just as ready to party as you are!

Private Catamaran Cruise

It doesn't get much more VIP than this! Fancy treating your Stag to some of the finer things? Enjoy this 4 hour cruise on a private catamaran; bring your own food and drink so you can have as much as you like and you can even provide the music you want on a USB stick. Living like a high-roller on the high seas!

4x4 Off-road Jeep Safari

See the spectacular sights of Benidorm with an off-road safari. Benidorm is famous for its golden beaches and vibrant town life, but your Stag Do can enjoy the views and countryside as you're driven around in a 4x4 jeep; you can even go for a swim underneath a waterfall.

Outdoor Paintball

Another staple of the Stag Do - paintball. Unleash your inner Rambo in all-out, paint-based warfare and make sure the Stag gets absolutely covered; friendly-fire is completely acceptable when it comes to him. Paintballing is a great activity to do early in your trip, especially if some of you are just meeting for the first time; create a strong bond on the field of paintball.


Take to the skies! From a boat! Strap your stag into a parachute and let him float along behind a speedboat enjoying the Benidorm beaches from a unique perspective. The Stag will be lifted 150 feet into the air for 15 minutes of flight time and it's sure to be an experience he remembers long after the trip.

Bubble Football

Does the groom think he's a one-touch king? Then Bubble Football could be the perfect way to test those skills, with your upper body encased in a large, reinforced bubble it's game on! Unleash the full carnage of the beautiful sport by running full tilt into each other and making the most out of those dives, don't worry, you'll bounce back...

Flying Fish Ride

Have you ever wondered what a Bucking Bronco would be like if it was a huge inflatable towed by a speedboat? No, neither have we... But here it is, the Flying Fish Ride! Pair up, hop on this huge inflatable and hold on for dear life as the speedboat driver will use every trick he knows to try and put you in the drink.

Water Park

Getting married is one of the most grown-up things you can do, it's right up there with mortgages and having a favourite mug, so while you're enjoying the sun of Benidorm why not fully revert to childhood? Hit the waterpark and scream like no-one's listening as you tackle rides like 'Black Hole' and 'Verti-Go' - a massive water slide which affords stunning views of the area before all you can see is the blur as you plummet down it. You can find tickets here.

Terra Mitica Theme Park

Splashing about at the waterpark isn't the only way to let your inner child out; the rides at the Terra Mitica theme park will have you grinning from ear to ear. This huge theme park has been split into 5 geographic zones, each one designed to whiten your knuckles and jeopordise your lunch in different and exhilarating ways! From 54 metre free-fall drops to wet and wild rapids rides, Terra Mitica will test the endurance of your Benidorm Stag Do to its limits! Grab tickets to this adrenaline-fest here.

Las Vegas show at Benidorm Palace

Nothing says 'classy Stag Do' like a Vegas-style show and dinner; get your Stag crew dressed to the nines and head to the Benidorm Palace where you can enjoy an impressive meal and an equally impressive floor show. The shows at the Benidorm Palace are truly extravagant with an in-house orchestra, aerial silks, singers, dancers, BMX riders, magicians... enough to keep any party going.

Benidorm Casino

Did you invite Lady Luck on your epic Stag Do? Hopefully you did if you're headng to the Benidorm Casino! You'll need to put on your finery and remember your ID to get in, and then head to the slots or the tables to try you luck; if the dice are on your side you can stay here until 4AM.

Escape Rooms

It's time to prove that the Stag picked the right people for his entourage; welcome to the escape rooms of Benidorm. Whether you go in as one big, chaotic team or a couple of tightly knit units competing against each other, time is of the essence! You've got 60 minutes to solve the fiendish puzzles inside these themed escape rooms; 60 minutes to escape the room or risking missing the first bar on your crawl...

Wakeboarding Experience

Send the groom out onto the waves, man to surf and make sure to get some epic pictures of him dominating the sea... or ploughing face-first into it. There'll be a bit of coaching and then straight out to the water; and remember to get your Stag some delightful water-wings and swimming cap. Something floral maybe.

Powerboat Experience

Fancy some high-speed thrills on the high seas? This experience puts the 'power' in powerboat and guarantees to get your whole Stag Do soaking wet! Pray your hangovers aren't too severe as this 450 horsepower boat spins, power-slides and jumps around at full throttle on the waves. It's definitely an experience you'll remember!

Segway Tours

After all this adrenaline-pumping fun it might be time to try something a little more sedate... but not too sedate obviously! Fancy seeing the sights of Benidorm but walking is just a little too pedestrian? Then a guided Segway tour is the way to go! These upright, two-wheelers are an absolute bundle of fun to ride and after a little tuition you'll be haring around Benidorm with your guide!

Beach Party

With Benidorm's reputation for gorgeous beaches and holiday-sun it seems a shame not to bring your party to the sand. There are several Stag Do specialist websites that can help you organise the perfect sea-side shindig with DJs, dancers, reps and a bar! Soak up the sun and dance your day away before hitting the town for the night.

Downhill Bike Ride

We've often thought the worst part about bike rides is pedaling, so this downhill ride is pretty much perfect! You'll be taken to the top of Aitana mountain, given a bike and a guide so you can enjoy free-wheeling on this 26 mile bike ride. the ride is 99% downhill so there'll be minimal pedaling involved - just enjoy the sights and the clean mountain air.

Scuba Diving

There's more to see around Benidorm than just the glorious beaches and wonderful architecture (and the bars). Give your Stag a glimpse of a world he won't see at home; the world under the sea! You'll be provided with all the equipment you need and expert instruction before you can go over the side and enjoy the wonders Benidorm's sea life have to offer.

Private Cocktail Class

Have you ever wondered how to make Bond's Martini? Or maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a Tom Cruise type from 'Cocktail'? Or you just fancy adding to your drinks repertoire? With a private cocktail class you can learn all the tricks of the trade (while sampling a few) and then you'll be split into teams to see who can mix their delicious drinks the fastest.

Sea Kayaking

For the adventurous Stag try Sea Kayaking along Benidorm's delightful coastline; enjoy the sights and sun on a 2 hour excursion after some expert instruction. Technically this also counts as exercise, but when it's so relaxing, fun and set in such gorgeous surroundings who cares?

Benidorm Stag Do Wakeboarding

All information correct at time of writing.